Why and how should you choose a good child specialist?

Your child is your most precious possession. He is your heartbeat, and you’re ready to do anything for them. When it comes to a pediatrician, you want to consult the best child specialist in the town. But choosing the best pediatrician in your area is not a joke. It isn’t as easy as picking a doctor randomly from a healthcare directory or a phone book. You have to do extensive research to find one who provides the best child health care treatments in Kolkata or Mumbai or Delhi or Chennai.

Why should you choose the best child specialist?

It is extremely important to choose the best child specialist because he or she can make life-changing decisions for your baby. If he or she fails to diagnose a life-threatening problem or gives a wrong treatment, then it’s your baby who will suffer the most. 

Even if your baby is perfectly healthy or has a simple cold and cough, even then you should consult someone who cares for him. Health-related issues are far more important than what you think.

How should you choose the best child specialist?

A good way to choose the best child specialist in your area is to get recommendations from your friends and relatives. When you ask your friends and relatives, you’re likely to get tons of suggestions from them. But my advice is, don’t follow all the suggestions blindly. Ask various types of questions to your friends to get an overall view.

Many parents have different types of requirements, and you may not feel connected by the reason they give for preferring a particular child specialist. For instance, they might prefer a particular pediatrician just because he makes a very quick diagnosis, and they don’t have to wait in the clinic for a long time. However, you may want to consult someone who gives time to your baby before making the final diagnosis.

Some parents like child specialists who prescribe antibiotics frequently, but you may not like that kind of a thing.

Here are the other ways to choose a good child specialist in your area.

1. Check the doctor’s credentials:

No matter what people say, the qualification of a child specialist matters. There are several doctors who practice without any certification. That is illegal. You should always check the credentials of the doctor beforehand.

In most cases, you can check the credentials online. Most doctors upload their profile on Linkedin and healthcare portals nowadays. So you can know about their specialties, and get an overview from there.

Don’t forget to check reviews about the doctor. Find out what patients are saying about the doctors. Are they satisfied or do they have grievances? Get the inside story from the patients themselves.

2. Check their experience: 

Has the doctor ever worked in a government hospital? You might feel that it’s not that important, but a child specialist who has worked in a government hospital has a vast experience of handling various kinds of patients. So it’s good to consult a child specialist who has a similar kind of experience to take care of your baby’s problem deftly.

3. Find out how much time he gives:

A good child specialist will always give time to the patient. No matter how good a doctor is, he needs to give some time to detect the symptoms and reach a conclusion. Some diseases have similar symptoms, and wrong medical treatment can prove fatal for the child. So make sure you check how much time a child specialist is ready to give to your baby.

4. Calculate how many patients he has:

Children often suffer from one problem or the other. Most parents get worried and rush to doctors to seek medical help. A good or a reputed child specialist will always have a long list of patients.

When you’re trying to find a good child specialist, make sure you get an estimate of the number of patients a doctor sees every day. This matters a lot. A child specialist who sees 60 patients every day will always have edge over someone who sees only 5 patients per day.


The health-related issues of a baby are too unpredictable. A baby may need medical attention at odd hours or for a prolonged period. So it’s better to consult a doctor who is available at odd hours too. Even if he can’t come to your home and see your baby, he should at least hear the problem and give the best medical advice over the phone.

A good child specialist can ensure that your baby doesn’t have to suffer without any treatment for a long time.

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