The tropical climate and high tides influence the pleasant weather of the Miami coast. From the stunning turquoise waters to the endless surfing hours, you are likely to experience it all here. Along with these scenic views, it also boasts mouth-watering cuisine and sea-food varieties. You might grab your favorite pina colada and chill by the Miami beach shore with friends. Every gastronome out there must try out the versatile and enchanting restaurants of the state. Whether it’s the Cuban dine outs or night clubs featuring ecstatic cocktails, you can find every restaurant in the city. 

Here’s a list of the top restaurants in Miami that are an epitome of taste as well as appeal. 

1. Boia De

If you’re looking for a restaurant that offers both tasty dishes as well as attractive interiors, then Boia De is the right place. It sits in the heart of Little Haiti and boasts an enthralling ambiance for the locals. While shopping at the Upper Buena Vista, make sure to stop by this top-notch eatery and grab a bite of beef tartare. You can find just the right blend of taste and aroma in the meals. The chefs put in extra effort to incorporate the perfect flavors in the sea-food. With the shallot-garlic essence in the beef tartare and capers loaded with briny flavors, you can allure your taste buds. 

You might taste the specialties like Crispy Polenta, Baked Clams, and Hamachi. To satiate your tummy, you can always grab an extra sour margarita. 


2. Mignonette

With the coastal life at the peak, Miami offers a perfect blend of sea-food and beach-friendly cocktails. One such top-notch restaurant that provides the tourists with a tasty and nutritious sea-food menu is Mignonette. You can satiate your lobster cravings with a glass of pina colada at the restaurant. Also, mesmerize your buds with the oyster’s specials of the day mentioned at the back of the restaurant. Make sure to try out the best dishes like South African Lobster Tails, Chicken breasts, and scallops here. In case you don’t feel like eating sea-food, go for the American-classic meals. 

Once you’re done eating, it’s time to grab a bite of the delicious cheesecakes. You can get your hands on the best dessert wines in the restaurant. Some options that you might consider are Sauternes, Vin Santo, and Pedro Ximénez. Also, take a bottle of sparkling wine to the beach and enjoy the night parties. 


3. Joe’s Take Away 

Here’s the best take away restaurant that allows you to curb the stone crab cravings in no time. Joe’s take away at Washington Ave is not just any other take away eating joint. The place offers every dish that you would find in a luxurious five-star hotel. You can fetch the fried chickens with some hash browns or dive deeper into the indulgence of the lime pie. With the Miami beach lying nearby, you can satiate the hunger pangs after a long handball game here. Also, you might sit for a while at the shaded courtyard and enjoy your meal in a calm atmosphere. 

Make sure to ask the locals if the restaurant is open or not. The owners prefer to close the take away for a couple of months during the summer season. While heading out, grab a wine cocktail to hydrate your body. 


4. Sanguich de Miami

Cuban delicacies are both appetizing as well as fulfilling for the taste buds. In case you’re craving some Cuban specialties crafted with love and spices, then head straight to the Sanguich de Miami. Head straight to the Southwest 8th street and get your hands on the perfectly grilled Cuban sandwich. The Cuban chefs prepare these sandwiches using authentic ingredients like fresh pickles, mustard, and cured ham. What adds to the essence of the foodstuff is the brined pork. You can also get some handy snacks like nachos, plantain fries, and croquetas. Also, a couple up the bites with perfectly blended coffee varieties like colada and la rosita. 

When it comes to the sandwiches, there’s no end to the diversity. From the sanguich Cubano filled with pickles to the medianoche boasting Swiss cheese, you can grab them all. Make sure to explore the restaurant at least once and try the delicious Cuban varieties. 

5. La Mar

Miami has restaurants featuring diverse cuisines, ranging from Cuban to Latin American. La Mar is one of the ecstatic restaurants offering Peruvian cuisine in the city. The chefs at La Mar use special techniques to enhance both the flavor as well as the aroma of dishes. You can try out the delicious cheese-soaked tiradito bachiche loaded with the perfect amount of parmesan cheese. Head straight to Brickell Key and grab your share of ceviches and causas. Some other varieties of Peruvian dishes to try are Piscojito, Pisco Sour, and Manhattan de Frutilla.

The restaurant also boasts some delicious varieties of drinks, ranging from cocktails to coolers. Whether it’s the non-alcoholic Chicha Morada or the spirit-laden Acai of Relief, you are likely to fancy them all. Don’t forget to end your trip with a visit to this authentic restaurant featuring astonishing service and commendable taste. 


Final Verdict

Gastronomes love to try out the foodstuffs offered by various restaurants and diverse cuisines. In case you’re someone who functions on flavor, you must embark upon the food trips now and then. For all the beach lovers, Miami is the perfect destination filled with delicious food and top-notch adventure. While in Miami, make it a point to traverse the best restaurants located in the city. You must cover up the Peruvian indulgence of La Mar and the Cuban delicacies of Sanguich de Miami. Also, get your hands on the best cocktails to transform your beach parties into a memorable one. 



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