Top 5 amazing secrets of website development companies

A web development company is not just limited to a company that creates and designs a website for your business. If you probe deep enough, it is possible to forge a relationship where the web development company can also serve as your design company, online advertising agency and hosting company. 

In this article, we talk about the top 5 amazing secrets of website development companies that can help you to save costs, time and energy in getting all the professional services that you need to run a profitable online business.

1. It’s a lot of hard work

If you look at a website developer at work, you might think they have it easy. After all, all they do is sit before a screen and tap on their keyboard. The truth is that creating a website involves a lot of mental effort and skill. It’s not simply about picking items from the basket and assembling them together. This is why a website developing company might require more time to deliver your website than what you expect.

Even after the website has been operationalized and handed over to the client, the website developer continues to work in the background, carrying out tests and developing patches for any loopholes in the website. If they do not do this, your website could become seriously compromised due to a security glitch that went overlooked.

2. They carry out multiple tests

carry out multiple tests

Website developers regularly carry out a number of tests on their websites. This might seem like common sense and a normal thing for web development companies to be doing but many people underestimate the importance of testing. 

Website developers have to ensure that every website they create works equally well on a desktop computer, a laptop, and a mobile device. Moreover, they need to ensure that the website performs consistently on all types of browsers and platforms without any problems. Most of the time, we don’t realize the effort that goes into hours and hours of testing, even after the website becomes operational.

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3. They are experts on hosting

In most cases, website development and website hosting are different activities. However, what many people don’t know is that website development companies know quite a bit about different hosting companies and their plans. In fact, they can even advise you about which hosting plan would work best for your website, given the features and functionality you expect from it.

When people make independent decisions about website hosting plans, they tend to overlook some important things like privacy and security while focusing on other things like speed and domains. Website development companies can identify these areas so that you select the right hosting plan for your website.

4. They offer additional services

Website development companies may also specialize in other related services such as hosting, online marketing, SEO and even graphic designing. Most of the time, clients are not aware of these options and web development companies also don’t realize the value these services can bring to their company. 

By clubbing these services with the primary website development services, clients can enjoy a one-stop access point for all their e-commerce needs, starting from the design of the website to the promotion of their products on search engines and social media.

5. Maintenance is critical

Maintenance is critical

For any website to be successful and consistent in terms of performance, it is absolutely necessary that it undergoes regular maintenance checks. Because a lot of data is being exchanged through the website, it is important to check if the mechanisms for data sharing are safe, and whether the defense of the website is robust against any intrusion or hacking attempts. With new browsers and widgets coming in from time to time, the website needs to be upgraded to ensure compatibility with all these developments. 

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