Top 4 Divisions Of Commercial Advertising

Marketers pay for advertisements to achieve various market goals and objective advertising objectives generally are meant to achieve a short-term response from customers or long-term branding communication with customers.

Branding seeks to build and maintain a reputation for the brand that differentiates it from others. Sales promotions are short-term inducements to increase sales or revenue. There are different forms of commercial advertisements available to marketers. Four of these commercial advertisement are discussed here.

Broadcast Media Ads

Broadcast Media Ads

Radio and television are two main traditional broadcast media that have been used in advertising for many years. Television provides creative chances, a dynamic message as well as a broad audience reach. Television is generally the most expansive medium to advertise across the market. This arises from the fact that the local television station’s local affiliated stations usually serve the local audience. However, the marketer has to deal with waste when dealing with a local marketplace. 

Television audiences usually have a negative attitude towards advertisements and the majority of the audience have commercial-free streaming services just by a touch of their remote. Television and Radio both have fleeting messages, implying that they vanish the moment commercial spot stops. Radio is comparatively affordable for small and medium businesses and enables repetition and frequency. However, the radio does not have the visual aspect of television and the audience has to handle distractions that could occur when driving.

Print Media Ads

Print ads

Newspapers and magazines are the two traditional print media that has been used for years. Magazines provide a highly selective audience that is mainly interested in advisements closely associated with the subject of the Magazine. Visual imagery is as well stronger in magazines more than newspapers. Marketers using magazines waste very little since magazines are nice and markets can target a very narrow customer segment. However, on the negative downside, magazines are considerably costly and need long lead times limiting timely promotions. Magazines as well have limited audience reach.

On the other hand, the newspaper is cheaper for local businesses and permits the marketer to target a selected geographical segment supposing the marketer has a universal product or service.   More so, Newspapers are as well seen as a trustworthy medium that enhances the advert’s acceptance. Marketers can normally obtain an advert within a day or two days of buying. Decreasing circulation, the short shelf life of newspapers and limited visual creativity are downsides.

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Direct Marketing Ads

direct marketing ads

Direct marketing is another form of commercial advertisement that seeks to present action to a targeted group of consumers to visit the store as a response to the marketer. Direct marketing can take different forms that include postal mail, a post of sale, telemarketing, and direct email marketing among others.

An important element of direct marketing is that the targeted consumer response can be measure. Likewise, regular email newsletters, for instance, enable the market to keep the brand and other messages in the form of potential customers.

Direct marketing enables the marketer to promote their products or services directly to the targeted market. As such direct marketing enables the marketer to segment and target market.  This is a great benefit to the marketer since the marketer can be able to reach the specific audience and present personalized messages.

However, this implies that the marketer has to research and establish consumers who are likely to buy what the marketer is offering. Direct ads as well enable the marketer to optimize his marketing budget, because he is able to address online direct marketing to a particular audience allowing him to set realistic and specific goals, which can be used to increase sales.

Supposing the marketer optimizes and correctly uses direct marketing, he is bound to achieve good results with a small budget of marketing, marking it more effective than traditional advertising. 

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Internet Ads

Internet ads

The internet has become a very powerful marketing tool that is used by many brands and marketers to advertise their products and services.  Indeed, online advertising is a great approach to delivering promotional marketing messages to clients. In this era of internet ads, the marketer is able to learn more about his target group and use ads that interest them.

This implies that the marketer is able to filter the people who are targeted basing on their online interest, behavior, and passions. Unlike traditional advertising, online ads allow the marketer to know how many people viewed the ad, where they are located and how they responded. Thus, the marketer is able to optimize the ads in the future when he makes new ones. 

Offline and online companies can both use the internet to make their internet ads and to target their potential clients. This can be done through pop up ads, banner ads test ads as well as paid search placement.

Pop up ads, text ads and banners are ways marketers can use to present an image or message on their websites or other websites using third-party platforms like Google’s Ad words program.  However, paid search placement entails biding a certain amount to money to present a link and text messages to users using search engines such as Yahoo and Google.

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