Top 10 Most Popular YouTubers In India

YouTube provides excellent business opportunities for ordinary people with amazing skills to make money at home. Moreover, Many of the YouTube stars are getting more views than some of the popular TV programs in India. Here is the list of the top 10 most popular YouTubers in India.

1. Amit Bhadana: (Amit Bhadana)

Amit Bhadana

Amit is defined as the most popular Indian YouTuber with over 15 million subscribers. He started his self titled YouTube channel on October 24th, 2012 as entertainment. Amit always wanted to create something new and unique in his videos. Furthermore, Doing this separated him from all other vines and made his videos popular.

This Dada Saheb Phalke International Film Festival Award 2019 winner is a productive powerhouse. Besides writing his own scripts, he directs and edits his own videos.

  • Twitter – 95.4k followers
  • Instagram – 2.5m followers
  • Facebook – 4 m followers

2. Bhuvaneshwar Bam: (BB Ki Vines)

Bhuvaneshwar Bam

New Delhi based Bhuvaneshwar Bam, well known as Bhuvan Bam is the best YouTuber in India. He launched his YouTube channel, BB Ki Vines on June 20th, 2015 as an entertainment With over 14 million subscribers.

Bhuvan won the “Global Entertainer of the year 2019” award. It was presented to him on 24th May in Cannes for his excellent contribution to digital entertainment.

  • Twitter-  2.43m followers
  • Instagram – 6.6m followers
  • Facebook – 4.6m followers

3. Gaurav Chaudhary: (Technical Guruji)

Gaurav Chaudhary

Gaurav Chaudhary is a brainchild of an Indian born techie. He is considered as the richest YouTuber in India.

Technical Guruji started his YouTube channel on October 18th, 2015 Around 12 million subscribers. He makes the video related to electronic gadgets. Today, Technical guru is one of the fastest growing popular Indian YouTube channels.

Gaurav is publishing all his videos in Hindi talking about technology, smartphone, reviews, unboxing, etc.

  • Twitter-  1.87 m followers
  • Instagram – 988k followers
  • Facebook – 470K followers

4. Ashish Chanchlani: (Ashish Chanchlani Vines)

Ashish Chanchlani

Ashish Chanchlani is a YouTube sensation. His family supported him a lot with his career. Ashish started his YouTube channel titled Ashish Chanchlani vines on July 6th, 2009. Today, it is one of the best YouTube channels for comedy videos that has over 12 million subscribers

Besides all this, In 2016, Ashish made his T.V. debut with the Indian television series, “Pyaar tune kya kiya”. He always wanted to become an actor. In addition to this, Ashish Chanchlani won the ‘Best Comedy Influencer’ award at Cannes 2019.

  • Twitter-  499k followers
  • Instagram – 3.8m followers
  • Facebook – 2.8 Million followers

5. Sandeep Maheshwari: (Sandeep Maheshwari)

Sandeep Maheshwari

Before becoming the most popular YouTuber he was a successful entrepreneur, CEO of, which has the world’s largest collection of Indian images.

He has started his YouTube channel on February 13th, 2012. However, Maheshwari is known for his motivational videos on Youtube with over 10 million subscribers.

Sandeep Maheshwari has achieved many awards, some of them are.

“Young creative entrepreneur award by the British Council”.

“Creative entrepreneur of the year 2013 by entrepreneur India summit”.

  • Twitter-  169k followers
  • Instagram – 828k followers
  • Facebook – 1.7 Million followers

6. Nisha Madhulika: (NishaMadhulika)

Nisha Madhulika

Nisha Madhulika featured in one of the best YouTube channels for cooking video. She uploaded her first video on August 2nd, 2009. But before that in 2007, she started writing about cooking in her blog.

Her passion and love for cooking made her famous. She has 7.1 million subscribers and 1.3 billion views.

She always wanted to do something for the people and therefore she used to give tuitions at home to poor kids.

  • Twitter- 2062 followers
  • Instagram – 37k followers
  • Facebook – 500K followers

7. Vidya Iyer: (Vidya Vox)

Vidya Iyer

Vidya Iyer a female Indian YouTuber who was raised in Virginia, USA. popularly called as Vidya Vox, she received the name because of her YouTube channel music video.

She joined YouTube on March 14th, 2014. She has 5.9 million subscribers and 632 million views.

Vidya began combining classic Indian sounds with western music. The most popular Vidya mashup includes “Closer” and “Kabira”.

  • Twitter- 90.7k followers
  • Instagram – 910k followers
  • Facebook – 1m followers

8. Ajey Nagar: (CarryMinati)

Ajey Nagar

Ajey Nagar is a famous YouTuber with his astonishing voice. CarryMinati is the fastest growing YouTube channel due to the comedy video that started on October 30th, 2014. It has about 7 million subscribers. Besides posting videos about playing games, he rants and posts comedy videos.

Carry Minati is continuing to grow and reaching new heights. He always dreamed to become one of the top Indian YouTubers.

  • Twitter- 767k followers
  • Instagram – 1.6m followers
  • Facebook  – 470k followers

9. Harsh Beniwal: (Harsh Beniwal)

Harsh Beniwal

Harsh Beniwal is a popular Indian Vine star. He posts comedy videos. After joining YouTube on December 6th, 2013, He reached 6.1 million subscribers and 450 million views.

He also won the prize as a top Indian comedian-2018. Harsh started uploading his vines on Instagram.

His fans call him  “Harsh Beniwal is Bawaal“. Above all this, He recently appeared in the movie Student of the year 2 with Tiger Shroff and Ananya Pandey.

  • Twitter- 197k followers
  • Instagram – 1.7m followers
  • Facebook – 1.6m followers

10. Ranjit (Geekyranjit):

Ranjit (Geekyranjit)

Ranjit popularly known as Geeky Ranjit is a YouTuber and social media influencer. He is a technology expert who gives an opinion about the latest gadgets and smartphones. He started his technical YouTube channel on January 6th, 2011.

Geeky Ranjit is a well known YouTube personality today. He has 2.6 million subscribers on his YouTube Channel. The ability to give honest reviews about gadgets and products makes him stand out in the crowd.

  • Twitter- 420k followers
  • Instagram – 52.8k followers
  • Facebook – 47k followers

In conclusion, These top 10 YouTube personalities have created interesting content to be successful. The upcoming Youtubers are promoting their channels on social media like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, etc. Similarly, They publish posts, pictures, Links, and tweets on social media. This helps their videos to reach millions of people.

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