Top 10 most expensive gifts celebrities bought for their Valentine

Valentine is a designated day to show some love for your significant other. While every day is a good day to shower and spread some love, on Valentine’s day, love is in the air. People in love go a step further in expressing their feelings with gifts and gestures that show their affection.

Historically Valentine’s day has its origin set as the “Feast day”, also known as the “Feast of Saint Valentine”. Folklore has it that a cruel ruler of Rome, Emperor Claudius ii had given orders that St. Valentine be executed as he had couples get married in secret. The emperor wanted to raise an army and was angry that the men in his kingdom do not join in as they are too attached to their wives and lovers. 

Valentine was thus executed and he left a farewell note for the daughter of his jailer which was signed: “From Your Valentine”. Thereafter, it became a day of celebrating love. Most people associate Valentine’s Day with a romantic form of love. But, ideally, it is just a day of love. It can be for anyone you have affection for. 

Most people go out of their way to give some really thoughtful gifts to their partners. While others, celebrate love with flowers, chocolates and greeting cards making the day extra special. Now, this what the ordinary do. But, the celebrities won’t be them if they don’t go for something extravagant.

For years together we have seen headlines being hit with photographs and news of some really expensive Valentine’s Day gifts being exchanged between celebrities. So, here’s a list of some really astonishing amounts of dollars being spent by celebrities for their Valentine.

The Popular Gifts That Created A Buzz

Whenever we talk about lifestyle and clothing, people tend to follow celebrities the most. Be it the movie stars, daily soaps, singers or online influencers, people time and again look up to them. It is a difficult task to buy Valentine’s day gift for him & her. But, that’s not the case with our beloved celebrities.

1. Justin Bieber for Selena Gomez:


We all have experienced the warm fuzzy love in the early years of the relationship. Such was the case of On and Off childhood sweetheart Justin and Selena. The former once bought each and every flower in the shop of a florist worth an estimated $2000. He began with buying red roses, which were followed by tulips and ultimately ended up gifting her flowers in the whole shop. So, much for your love Justin!

2. Angelina Jolie for Brad Pitt:

Angelina Jolie

The most iconic couple “Brangelina” broke a few hearts when they called it quits a few years ago. But, while they were together they were an ode of love. Speaking about the power couple, Angelina once gifted Brad with a significant gift that was a 200-year-old Olive tree. It is said to be nearly $18,500 which she got planted in their $60 million estates in the South of France.

3. David Beckham for Victoria Beckham:

David Victoria

David Beckham has been a stunner on the football field always. Not only is he a great player the world has seen, but he is also a very doting husband. On one Valentine’s day, David gifted his stunning wife Victoria an $8 million Bulgari necklace studded with diamonds and rubies. Not that it’s a new thing for him to gift his wife with such expensive stuff, but this one really made a statement.

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4. Channing Tatum for Jenna Dewan:

Channing Tatum

The couple always looked neck deep in love. Jenna has a lovely collection of jewelry that she credits to be bought off the Neil Lane. That’s where her loving husband Chan bought the US $10,000 worthy ring as Valentine’s day present. How lucky is she to have married a husband who would give such a beautiful gift from a celebrity designer for Valentine’s day.

5. Courtney Cox for David Arquette:

Courtney Cox

A favorite character Monica from the F.R.I.E.N.D.S series was played by Courtney Cox. To date, most people love her for the role she played. As a superb wife she played to Chandler on the show, she was an even better one in real life to David. She gifted him an antique carousel horse worth a whopping $45,000. Well, she definitely knew what he would love to have to spend so much on the gift.

6. Kanye West for Kim Kardashian:

 Kim Kardashian

This pair of celebrities have never been hush-hush about the amount of money they spend on themselves or each other. Marking the love “Kimye” share, Kanye gifted Kim with a stunning and bejeweled “Panthere De Cartier Cuff” that was worth $73,000. On receiving the gorgeous gift, Kim took to her Instagram handle to flaunt it and wrote,” My new pet Panther”.

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7. Katy Perry for Russell Brand:

Russell Brand

The amazing actress Katy gifted a formidably muscular lilac Bentley Brookland car to Russell as Valentine’s day gift. This extravagance cost her US $3,41,000. This was a wonderful surprise for Russell. Quite a way to express your love, Katy!

8. Tyga for Kylie Jenner:

Kylie Jenner

When you are Kylie Jenner, it is obvious that the boyfriend has to come up with something extraordinary for the V’day. In 2016, Kylie’s then-boyfriend Tyga gifted her a Hublot watch worth a massive $50,000 dollars. Kylie surely had a happy time while they were together and in love.

9. Jay-Z for Beyonce:

Jay-Z for Beyonce

When the two best people in their respective industries come together, it doesn’t come as a surprise that they spend an enormous amount of money on each other. That is exactly the case with the Singer-Rapper duo. Jay-Z gifted custom platinum covered mobile phone in 2009 that was worth $25,000. Sure, the wife was happy to receive the extravagant gift.

10. George Clooney for Sarah Lawson:

Sarah Lawson

Who wouldn’t love a relaxing day spent alone with the love of your life? Right? Well, the handsome Mr. Clooney gave his girlfriend just that in 2008. He took her to Las Vegas on the most romantic getaway at the Hugh Hefner Sky Villa. This is at the Palms Casino Resort. Well, if I just forgot to mention, a night at the villa cost about $40,000 at that time. 

Boy, you wish you were a celebrity, don’t you? Well, whatever that might be, a gift from your beloved holds value due to the true feelings they have while giving it to you. So, you can always draw some inspiration for how you spend your Valentine’s Day 2020.

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