Tips for Choosing Your First Office Space

As a business person, renting your first office is one major step in your business, and it is an exciting yet overwhelming process. If your business was first oriented at home, the financial costs of an office can feel a burden. The distance from your home to your first office can also be stressful. However, on the bright side, and office knocks you off your comfort zone and pushes you to work harder and grow your business. In addition, you get exposed to other different business entities, and this can be used as a chance to learn and grow your business from it.

How do you choose your first office to suit your needs? Below are amazing tips for you.

Understand Your Business Requirements

Understanding your business needs can be really useful in choosing your first office. Some business requires a big space to thrive, while some require small amounts of space, and cost-effective plans to survive. It is vital to choose what suits your business needs, as opposed to wants, that allow focused growth of your business while saving up resources that will grow your business. 

How much space does your business need? This is an important aspect when choosing an office that beats your business. Determine the number of employees, the growth rate of your business, and the activities involved in your business to determine the size of the office you will need. Consider office space, meeting rooms, break rooms and other essential spaces for the growth and comfortability of your office.

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Lease Length

It is important to consider the lease length period before leasing your first office. Longer leases are more suitable for your business than short leases. Armed with the right confidence, it is wiser to consider leasing an office for five years rather than a year. This will save on resources and time that would otherwise have been used in securing another lease or finding a new office space once the lease term is over.

Amenities and Nearby Services

Your business is not an island. It needs clients to whom you will sell your products or sell your services. Finding a location near social amenities such as a cafe or a restaurant can be beneficial to your business. Your business will grow from increased traffic brought by such social institutions. Consider being close to cafes, restaurants, banks, shops and other businesses to attract clients to your business easily. Also, ensure that the social amenities serve to boost your business operations and transactions.


Having previously operated form home, dorm or a friend’s office, moving out on your own can be really stressful. Your new office will probably be the largest bill, and it is important to know the depth of your pocket. Consider your first office a space you can afford, and pay for it without overburdening your business. Set a realist range, and stick to it. You will always have the chance to move out once your business grows bigger.

Exit Strategy

It is important to understand how your lease works for you, and the time it expires. This will help you when the lease is over and you need to look for a new space. Always consider the exit strategy, and the cost and effect it will have on your business. It is important to plan for exit.

Security and Access

Your business will always require security, and your first office space really needs the high levels of security both for its safety and confidence, as well as that of customers. The office should have limited or controlled access from the public, and access to help in case of emergencies. Check out factors like, who can access your office building, are the street lights, is there a security system among other factors. It is wise to select a business space that is secure for the success of your business.

Lease Agent

Get to know your lease agent. Conduct a background check on your lease agent to know their reputation. Consider going to business with a reputable agent, or a company to avoid instances of lawsuits or other complications that may arise during the lease period. Reputable agents will ensure that they advise you on the best options, and offer the office at a moderate price that will suit your business needs.

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