When Andrea asked me to put all her clues on paper, I didn’t think twice. And much less that they ended up becoming a book, the style that makes you happy.
A madness that Andrea started, in which I instantly signed up and which has become a dream and a very beautiful trip.
Today, I want to show it to you in a slightly different post, but very special. Will you accompany me?
Andrea says: «The style that makes you happy is dedicated to those Style Clues that will creep into your head to make your style possible: the wardrobe, the attitude, the suitcase, the inspiration, the mirror, the colors…«
The book is divided into 10 chapters, each one of a facet of the style. In addition, each one has a color, so you can differentiate them. It does not have page numbers and you can open it wherever you want.

It is a book to enjoy, to read slowly, to consult and always have it close by. To decorate, to inspire and dream, and make a gray day a yellow day.

It is a book designed with great care, to the millimeter, taking care of each and every one of Andrea’s words. Highlighting those that should always be by your side.
Mixing different techniques and stories, because, as in style, mixing is important. And the contrasts more. Straight typefaces coexist with organic letterings and straight lines with watercolor stains. Also the whites and the photos, with the beautiful photos of Cristina .

It Is A Book For Pretty Girls. And Happy.

Full of details, winks and little surprises. To discover over time, read and reread … To find your style with these small doses.

It is a book of 216 pages, flexible, full of color and printed on an ecological paper. It is light and flexible, so that from time to time it will accompany you where it is needed.

I have enjoyed each and every page of this book. With the choice of colors, typographic games, ink and brushes. Working with a great team and the best logo design company.
It is the style and the book that makes me happy. And a little my yellow book. And everyone’s.
In addition I have also created all the design and image of the stationery and other elements for workshops. As well as the web, the decalogue, some beautiful ties, the most beautiful shipping envelopes you can receive, etc.
The magical invitations for the presentation party in the beautiful town that took place a few weeks ago. Printed in letterpress, another manual technique and with great care.

Thanks Andrea, for this yellow path, for this opportunity and for letting me fulfill a dream.


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