Source of Entertainment in Urban Life

We live in a world today where we often find ourselves in the “Caught up” situations. It is either with work or responsibilities. We work for nearly 5-6 days a week and earnestly wait for the weekend to arrive to finally burst the stress accumulated over the week. A heart and mind that has done so much finally require some form of entertainment at the end of the day or the week to say the least.

So, what is it that entertains you? What rids you of the boredom or stress? To each, his own is the mantra here. For everyone, there is a different choice and the source of entertainment that gives them relaxation. In this article, we discuss what is it that the millennials look out for? The various current sources of entertainment in Urban life. Read on, maybe you pick up on something to fulfill your daily dose of entertainment.

The Millennial Source of Entertainment

  • Live Entertainment:

Live Entertainment

Our lives today are running at a blazing fast pace. There is little that captures the mind and interest amidst all the technological developments. A large crowd is drawn to live stage entertainment nowadays. 

Attending concerts, stand-up comedy sessions, dance performances, magic shows, dramas, etc. has not only given a big boost to various artists in the industry, but it has also opened newer pathways for the entertainment industry to flourish.

The live music is any day better than the recorded music blasting through the speakers. The plus point about such live entertainment is that it is age group-centric. At the same time, there is something out there for everyone. All you got to do is a little research on social media.

  • Social Media

Social Media

Speaking about social media, it is almost rhetorical to ask whether each one of you is present on at least one social media platform. There is an ocean of apps starting from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter to Pinterest. The general notion in the minds of some people about the negatives of social media needs to be burst instantly. 

The popularity of Youtube is outstanding. Almost all genres of films and videos are available on this video platform. So, when it comes to entertainment, watching videos on Youtube also tops the list. 

Social media in itself is very positive. This is somehow the core of other forms of digital entertainment and it’s the application of the users that decides its fate of good or bad. When you agree to the terms laid down by such platforms, it is understood that you are giving your consent to the use of your data.

People spend hours of endless browsing on social media. It often turns out in favor of their needs as they come across something that changes their lives forever. Many businesses today take to social media as a strong marketing medium. It gives your brand identity and creates a customer base of the sorts. Whether a person is in the United States, UK or Australia, you can reach out to them from anywhere in the world by social media. 

  • At the Movies:

At the Movies

Movies, film industry, motion pictures, no matter what you call it; all of these have been an inseparable part of the entertainment industry for the longest time. They are a crucial segment whenever we think of a source of entertainment. 

Many times they have offered more than just entertainment. Be it to raise awareness against various stigmas in society, making a new fashion statement, or seeding an idea in the minds of people, movies have played a pivotal role. Movies have exposure to a broader audience and create a sense of acceptance among the viewers. 

The showbiz is big business in Hollywood, Bollywood, and even regional films these days. People love spending time watching a movie and it is one of the most liked sources of entertainment.

  • Web Series:

Web Series

Moving on in the entertainment industry, a new source of entertainment that has rightfully emerged is the trend of watching online web series. Most people are driven to web series for its content. The wide audience and minimal censorship are giving makers the confidence to experiment with various characters, subjects, and stories. 

Another pro about web series is that they are not endless dramas. A concise story attracts the millennial audience who are always running short of time. The audience today has a very precise taste. At the same time, they are very welcoming to newer perspectives and takes on ordinary and nonchalant stories alike.

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  • A Road trip: 

 Road trip

Vacations have always been an integral part of people’s lives. The fun thing about traveling and exploring new places is that it not only rejuvenates your mind but it is also knowledgeable. You build bonds, socialize, and in short gather great memories with this source of entertainment.

The most modern take on travel is the road trip. The millennial generation seeks experiential traveling. These road trips are often to some coastal places, mountain ranges or historical monuments. A road trip brings in a sense of freedom, thrill, and adventure even if it is just visiting a lesser-known destination. It is a common scenario these days that friends go on many biking adventures or hire cars for a road trip or to go on vacations together. 

  • Adventure Sports: 

Adventure Sports

Sports are a great activity for those who want to spend time doing something exciting than just sitting in front of a screen. The following are the number of options in adventure sports as a source of entertainment:

  • River rafting
  • Paragliding
  • Bungee Jumping
  • Surfing
  • Parasailing 
  • Motocross
  • Skiing
  • Dirt biking.
  • Scuba diving
  • Zorbing
  • Mountain biking
  • Rock climbing
  • Trekking
  • Caving
  • Playing online games: 

Playing online games

The digital technology has taken over everywhere and what once used to be known as video games, has taken place on the internet platform. Playing games online is very addictive. It has taken center-stage when talking about the source of entertainment for many. Needless to explain as we are a generation where a certain set of people prefer PUBG over human interaction. 

That being said, online games are actually great fun when played in limits, keeping in mind the entertainment aspect of it and not getting over-involved. People of almost all ages enjoy playing online games as mobile phones have become easily accessible.


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