Simple Freehand Exercises For Women To Practice Daily

We are all extremely conscious about our health, at present. Today’s modern generation is such that we are always on the move. Life is fast and we are always trying to catch up with every fast-moving moment

Our lives are filled with stress, tension, and anxiety that originate in our working environments, as well as our families. In the families, we try to balance every relationship, try to amicably sort out every crisis that may arise.

Those who are in the professional world, too, have to cater to various professional commitments. This is true quite a pressurizing situation to handle. If we consider women, in particular, then we will see life is a bit more challenging for them. Household responsibilities are more expanded in the case of women. They have to take care of and look after every member of the family.

They have to be mentors, guides, and friends to their kids too. They are supposed to take care of every need of their kids; the tiffin they are supposed to take to their school, whether the food that they are eating is providing the required nutrition needed for the age, what are things that will be harmful to their health and a lot more.

Matters do not end there. Their husbands and the whole family are also their areas of duties and responsibilities. They take up all these quite willingly, not complaining at all. Added to it, professional life is an added responsibility for them, which, they do not want to sacrifice either.

Since education, financial independence and experience matters, so there is no question of sacrificing an active professional life too. But, this tremendous pressure, results in stress and fatigue among women.

Not only that, extreme work pressure makes them irritated at times too, when they start behaving rudely with their family members and other acquaintances. Together with this, they have very little time to spend for themselves, which affects their health and makes them unfit and unhealthy.

Women must understand the need for exercise and take out at least half an hour, every day, from their busy lives, to do exercises.

Among the various forms of exercises, one easiest form that they can carry on in their homes, in privacy and also without much-skilled techniques variancetv, is freehand exercise.

It is said that cardiovascular exercises are immensely beneficial for the overall wellbeing of the body. It also helps in preventing many diseases as well as checking obesity.

Therefore, our topic of discussion will be some freehand exercises that must be done every day, anytime, to ensure a healthy body and beautiful figure. Added to it, many diseases can also be put at bay by these easy to do exercises.

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1. Exercise for The Legs

This is a typical form of freehand exercise that cures various problems of the legs, including aches, knee cramps, and joint pains.

2. Method of Doing The Exercise

Sit straight on a chair, keeping your spine and the whole body erect. Never lean on the chair. Keep your hands relaxed on your legs firmly.

As you begin doing the exercise, put up both your legs together and simultaneously, in the equal level of the chair, in front of you. Hold on for a few seconds and then lower your legs together. Continue doing the exercise ten times.

3. Exercise for The Hands

Hands are the most vital organs, which serve a lot, all through the day. They do so much work, from operating the computer at the office to cooking at home. Thus, they should also need to be exercised, so that they remain active for a longer time. So, this exercise will be a great one for the hands.

4. Method of Doing the Exercise

Sit straight on flat ground, keeping your body straight. Leave a gap of about one foot in between your legs. Your hands must lie relaxed on either side of your body.

When you begin the exercise, lift your right hand first, in the sideways direction, parallel to your shoulder. Now, slowly rotate it in the clockwise direction five times. Then, take a few seconds of rest, by lowering down your hand.

After the rest, put up your right hand in a similar manner and rotate in the anti-clockwise direction for the next five times. Again take rest and similarly repeat the whole process with your left hand.

5. Exercise for The Back

Back pain is a very common complication among women. The majority of women complain that they have soreness in their back or feel that their spinal cord has done a lot of work. So, this freehand exercise is a good remedial measure for them.

6. Method of Doing The Exercise

Sit down on the ground, in the posture of a cat. Your hands must be straight and your palms should be placed on the ground. Your legs should be folded in such a way that your knees must lie on to the ground.

As you perform the exercise, in the first instance, you have to bend and curl your back inwards, as much as you can. Hold on to this position for about 10 seconds.

In the next instance, stretch your back outwards, such that your head is up and you look up.

Again, stay in this position for the next 10 seconds. Perform this stretch and curl for about 10 to 12 times to get the best results.

7. Exercise for the Abdomen

The abdomen is the most crucial part of the body that tends to accumulate fat and add up to the tendency of obesity. So, let us discuss a freehand exercise for the abdomen too. Moreover, it is the dream of almost every woman to get a flat abdomen.

8. Method of Doing The Exercise

Lie down flat on the ground, keeping your arms at the side of your body and your legs stretched out. Look straight. Now, lift both your legs up simultaneously, at a height of about two feet from the ground.

Hold on to the position for about 10 seconds and release the position by lowering down the legs. Repeat the exercise three to five times in total.

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