Signs You Might Need To See A Oncologist

Cancer is one of the biggest threats the world is facing. Immense research is taking place in the leading labs and institutions to find the ideal cure for different types of cancer. It can be treated when diagnosed early. For this, a patient must know the symptoms and seek medical attention quickly. As per the best oncologist in India in Max Healthcare, here is a list of symptoms that can help a person to identify the severity of a condition and seek medical attention at the earliest.

Common Symptoms Of Cancer

  • Loss Of Weight

Losing weight in an unexplained way more than 5 kilos can be a symptom of cancer developing in the lungs, esophageal, pancreatic or stomach. It can also happen for any other type of cancer.

  • Fever

Almost all the patients will experience fever and night sweats when cancer has progressed to a metastasized state. The frequency of fever must be noticed to bring it under medical supervision when asked.

  • Fatigue

A patient will also feel very tired most of the time due to cancer. Even if a person is well-rested, he will feel fatigued.

  • Lump Formation

The formation of lumps can signify the presence of cancer. It can be at any stage. Lumps generally occur in the soft tissues, lymph nodes, breasts, testicles.

  • Changes In The Skin

Skin cancer is very hard to detect by a patient. Freckles, moles, and warts changing colors over time can signify the presence of skin cancer. Redness, darkness or yellowing of the skin that does not heal can be a symptom of skin cancer. In fact, sores that do not heal and tend to worsen must be brought under medical supervision.

  • Pain

Pain occurs when cancer has spread in the patient’s body. It can also be a symptom of certain cancers such as testicular or bone. Suffering from persistent back pain due to pancreatic, colorectal or ovarian cancer is also common. Repeating and persistent headaches can be the reason behind brain tumors. The Best Oncologist in India suggests seeking medical attention when pain is not cured using over the counter medications.

  • Changes In Bladder And Bowel Functions

Diarrhea, constipation, and other issues can be symptoms of colorectal cancer. Prostate and bladder cancer will show pain during urination, blood urine, etc. The bladder functions will also change.

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  • Hoarseness Or Cough

Hoarseness and persistent cough can be the symptoms for throat, lung, larynx or thyroid cancer.

  • Indigestion

Continuous indigestion and problem in swallowing can signify the presence of esophageal, stomach or throat cancer.

  • Bleeding

Unusual bleeding can be a symptom of cancer. Blood coming from coughing can show lung cancer. Blood in the stool can be a sign of colorectal cancer. Vaginal bleeding can happen due to cervical cancer. Bloody discharge from the nipples can signify breast cancer.

  • Swollen Lymph Glands

Enlarged and painful lymph glands can be a signal of cancer.

  • Anemia

Lymphoma and leukemia can be the reason for persistent anemic symptoms.

These are the symptoms that must be brought under the supervision of the Best Oncologist in India for diagnosis.

While the above-listed symptoms are serious indicators of cancer, a lot of them are common for a range of medical conditions. Obviously, self-diagnosis isn’t the smartest way to conclude cancer and that makes consultation from the best oncologists a necessity. Keep in mind that an early diagnosis can make a significant difference in cancer treatment. Thus, one should not delay a visit to the oncologist if these symptoms persist.

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