Problems with the Modish Education system

The Education system prevailing today has offered a number of benefits to the teachers and the students. But one can certainly not deny the fact that besides these advantages, it has also created some challenges and disadvantages for the students and teachers over the world. This blog discusses the loopholes with the advancement of education techniques.

If we compare the modern education system with the traditional education system, then the modern education scenario is far better than the conventional education scenario.

Technology is the biggest change that took place in this era of the education system. Devices like computers, laptops, tablets, smartphones have made the process of learning very simplified and convenient.

For example, if the students want to get any kind of academic help online like assignment help Sydney, he or she could get it within a few seconds.

The Internet has given access to various sources of information and knowledge to a large number of students and teachers worldwide.

The modern education system is perfect in many ways. However, it has devised certain problems for the students and the teachers also.

Let’s see what are the problems and their respective solutions:

1. Problem – Outdated Curriculum 

The current educational system follows an outdated educational curriculum in schools and colleges. That is why the students are generally seen as book worms. The extra-curricular activities are seeming to be less performed in academic institutions.

Rather than that the students are given a bundle of writing tasks. The pressure is exerted on them to prepare for exams and achieve good grades.

Due to this, the students feel overloaded and their mental abilities reduce. They tend to feel fatigued and become less productive.

Solution – Eliminate excess writing tasks and discard Standardized exams system

This should be done to reduce the workload on the shoulders of scholars. Instead of giving the chunk of assignment writing tasks to the students, the teachers should focus on the learning power of the students.

The standardized exams system should be completely eliminated. Instead of this, the teachers should provide them grades on their annual academic performance.

2. Problem – Needs of the weak students are not addressed –

The pupil-strength is normally very high like there are about 50 students in a classroom on an average in each school.

Resultantly, the individual needs and problems of the scholars become difficult to solve. Not only this, but the low-achievers are also not granted the necessary attention by the teachers.

SolutionThe teachers should take the problems of students carefully and try to solve them. The personalized tutoring system should be introduced in the current educational system. The weak students should be given extra time on the areas in which they find problems.

3. Problem: Overcrowded classrooms –

It has been surveyed that in the last few years, there was an average of 36 to 40 students studying in a single classroom in schools. It is because of this reason the progress ratio of the students in those schools was comparatively low.

Solution – Reduce the student strength in the classrooms

This problem can only be overruled only by reducing the number of students in the classroom. This will increase the overall academic performance of the students.

4. Problem – No voluntary activities

The modern educational system has devised all kinds of educational technologies in the education structure but still, it is lacking in substantial areas.

Also, there are no voluntary activities performed in the current educational systems and the students are also not encouraged about contributing to the voluntary activities.

Solution – Teach them the importance of volunteering Instead of encouraging the students to study more and more, try to teach them the importance of volunteering and delivering welfare services to society.

When the students are graduated, they should be encouraged to perform the voluntary services and take part in the internship programs, this will not only shape the personality of the individual but it will also help them in becoming a good human being.

Moreover, they get easily selected by the big and prestigious companies over the world when they indulge in such social welfare activities.

And when the students get good credits for their work, they always try to contribute more towards the good of the people and the community.

5. Problem – The teachers are not efficient and qualify as per the norms of New Educational System 

The major section of the educators still is not aware of how to use educational technologies.

So, can we really expect our teachers and mentors that they can impart smart education to the scholars these days? Some of the teachers who are at the end of their teaching professions are still not familiar with how to use the internet.

Solution – As internet is the necessity nowadays, so the teachers who have good knowledge of how to use internets and technological gadgets should be hired in the schools and colleges.

The training sessions should be conducted for the teachers who do not have knowledge on how to make use of computers, internets and the smart educational technologies used in the classrooms. In this way, the teacher’s caliber can combat with the current technology-oriented education system.

6. Problem – Graduates seem to have no practical education –

The education system relies more on bookish knowledge and getting good grades in the exams. Emphasizing on this phenomenon, the importance of practical education is overlooked.

SolutionThe modern education system should rely more on practical education. The students should be asked to participate more in voluntary activities and indulge in more and more internships with which they will get more realistic experiences.

More the internships more will be the realistic education and intellectual growth of the student.

7. Problem – Government is not said to investing more in the education process 

It has been in seen in many countries that the educational institutions lack financial funds to upgrade their educational system. Like huge amount of investments are needed to hire efficient teachers, reconstructing educational venues, conducting workshops.

Only a few schools can afford this. Not only this, there are inadequate studying materials that are made available to pupils in some parts of the world.

For instance, in some nations, the students still are using outdated and worn-out textbooks for studying which are shared by more than four or five students at one time.

Solution – The Government is liable to provide funds to the underdeveloped academic institutions.

So, the whole situation could be addressed, if the current education system focusses more on skill development rather than focusing on memorizing more and more facts for getting good marks in exams.

If we will consider the education curriculum is the only culprit behind degraded education system, then we are sorely mistaken.

So, if all the people (Government, educational institutions, teachers and students) will jointly put efforts in improvising the modern educational system, then all the problems can be sorted out.

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