Orthodontist Tulsa Must Know Why Teeth Gaps Don’t Adjust

There are many orthodontic problems that don’t have any apparent cause. But several contributing factors are the reasons for the issues people face. When the problem is concerned with health issues the interest in then intensifies.

What teeth gaps is called?

The medical name for teeth gaps is called Diastema. This condition can occur to any teeth type in the mouth; but the most common of them all is between the teeth that are in the front and in the upper set. This is a vital problem that is taught to the Orthodontist Tulsa during their student years.

What are the problems related to gaps in teeth?

The main problem related to gaps in the teeth is the health one. Although the esthetic look is also important mainly orthodontists learn the health problems that come if the issue is not resolved. The following problems are associated with teeth gaps.

Problems while eating

If there is a wide gap between the upper frontal teeth then the patient will have difficulty in biting off the food. Chewing is a process that helps in the digestion of food. Gaps in the teeth will result in the irregular chewing pattern.

Affects the overall appearance

Many people feel embarrassed and can lose self-confidence because of the breach in two teeth. They don’t smile as they think that others will laugh at them because of the gap. This situation is mostly faced by those who have gaps in the front teeth.

Food gets trapped in between

Large particles of food can easily be stuck in teeth that have broad gaps. There are several other issues that are related to food stuck in between the teeth. On several occasions it becomes difficult to remove the food if the gaps are in the back teeth.

Unusual loss of teeth

The education and training that the orthodontists get teach them about the various reasons for losing the teeth. When one of the teeth are lost for any reason at all; the adjourning teeth lose the grip and begin to fall off.

Tooth decay and diseases of gums

When the teeth gap is great then food and other materials can be stuck in between and can create bacteria. In this way plaque can get trapped causing diseases in the gums and tooth decay.

Jaw problems and misalignment

Amongst other problems related to health that are taught as a part of the online orthodontic course like Gerety Orthodontic Seminar; bad bite which is the result of gaps causes pain in the jaws, forehead and the ears.

Reasons Orthodontist Tulsa must know for gas in teeth

There are times when the teeth become suborned and don’t close in to fill the gaps; even when the orthodontists have applied braces and other tools. The expert orthodontists must check for the following reasons and find out why the gaps between the teeth are not closing.

Root Angulation

If the root of the teeth is not straight; then it means that the teeth will grow in different angles. The angle or position of the roots of the teeth is not aligned. This can be a major reason for gaps in the teeth.

The difference in the size of teeth

Sometimes it can happen that the size of teeth in a set like incisors can be of different sizes. Normally the size is small and the tooth is not properly developed; which is also a big cause of gaps.

Skeletal resistance

It may happen that the bone structure of the face affects the gaps in the teeth. If the skeleton of the face gets large and the permanent teeth don’t then the gaps in the teeth will grow as the bone structure develops.

Occlusal interference

Typically occlusion means that there is no gap between the teeth. But in occlusal interference the gap is too much. This causes big problems like difficulty in biting, chewing, diseases of the gums and tooth decay.

Force applied to the tooth

When the habit of thumb sucking exceeds after the recommended age then the problem of gaps in the teeth can occur. Also many children have the routine of tongue thrusting as force is applied; the position of the teeth changes.


This usually happens when the braces and other orthodontic appliances are not fixed properly in the right position. This creates friction; but the orthodontist who has carefully studied each and every technique will never make this mistake.

Excess horizontal overjet

The abnormal spacing of the upper and lower incisors is called overjet. This is also a major reason as to why the gaps of the teeth are not closing.

Myofunctional competing forces

It is a disorder of the mouth and face that affects the muscles and other functions of the face. The patient can suffer serious bite and crowding problems of the teeth; that can have a negative impact on the health.


The uneven growth of the teeth has drastic effects on the health as it can create gaps in the teeth.

Bad hygiene habits

One of the most important causes that are a part of the training of Orthodontist Tulsa is that bad habits can also ruin the health of the teeth and makes the gaps unable to close.


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