How to organize an Oriya wedding within budget

A wedding is a union of two people that further makes a new relationship, not only between two partners but also within two families.  An Indian wedding is celebrated with lots of fun and cheers. From long days and nights of celebration, everything is organized properly. 

Highly rich people spend unlimited money to make the wedding functions more elegant and stylish. Different cultures have a different way of celebrating a wedding. Oriya matrimony is not unfamiliar to this substance. 

Even though their wedding function is simple and sober, people often spend extra money on the wedding venue and food items. Oriya people follow their wedding customs very faithfully and this turns their wedding function so special.

Organize Oriya wedding within budget

These are some logical methods to arrange a marriage ceremony:

Be Wise with the Wedding Venue

Instead of booking a costly hotel or marriage hall, consider an open space near your house and decor it like a wedding hall with beautiful lighting. This way will charge much lesser. However, if you wish to choose a luxury hotel, then book it during the offseason when they offer a huge discount.

Go for “off-season” purchase

We all know a wedding outfit is very expensive and no chance to negotiate while purchasing designer wear. So it is recommended to purchase the wedding attire during the offseason. The biggest advantage of this trick is that the girl can get the best brand dress with a big discount.

Cut down the guest list

More guests mean more expenditure. Inviting unnecessary people at the wedding will charge you more on food items, sitting arrangements, etc. So, invite-only close friends and relatives which are important.

Think of DIY Decorations

Have a group of friends who know decorating skills? If you have some sort of friends, ask them to utilize their skills at your wedding. Pick artificial items like flowers, papers and make a beautiful centerpiece to decor the wedding venue.

Go for late night pre-wedding functions

The superb idea to cut down the expenses is to host the pre-wedding functions late afternoon. In this way, instead of arranging whole meals for a guest, you can treat them with snacks and drinks.

Bulk Purchasing

If the wedding is arranged within a house, then surely you will require serving items. It is recommended to buy paper dishes, disposal items in bulk from the wholesale market at a very low rate.

Save on Wedding Music

Hiring a DJ or professional musician can be a little bit expensive. If you have a sound system at home, then you can save a lot. Play music and rock the dance floor.

Choose a wedding on a weekday

Most of the venues charge more money for a weekend wedding as per the seasonal phase. So, try to arrange your wedding function on a weekday. It will give you two benefits: the first one the guest gathering will be less and secondly your whole wedding will complete at less cost.


Everybody wants to organize a wedding within fewer budgets. Try to invest only those things which are necessary for a wedding. Having a budget-friendly wedding can help you to arrange a debt-free wedding. Visit for an NRI life partner online.

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