Is it possible to set up your bedding elements and remove it 5 years later when you want to replace it? In this much time, it may suffer multiple spills, spots, and stains. This would allow the mattress topper to absorb liquid and give rise to infections.

As a result, it is best to clean your wool mattress topper regularly to eliminate the chances of infections and early wear and tear.

Below we have explained some tips to take care of your organic mattress topper. But, before we do that, check out what is a wool mattress topper and organic mattress topper:

A wool mattress topper is an additional protection over your mattress to save it from spills, spots, dust, and dirt. An organic mattress topper is a type of wool protection that is made with natural wool.

Read on to know how you can maintain your wool mattress topper for extended use.

Tips to Take Care of Organic Mattress Topper

A wool mattress topper can offer you comfort throughout the year. It is common to assume that you can’t use this topper in summer. However, wool has natural regulating property, which allows the use of the topper in summers as well.

If you are using an organic mattress topper throughout the year, it is extremely important to maintain and clean it from time to time. Here’s what you can do for that:

1. Rotate and Flip

When you are changing the sheets, rotate the organic mattress topper. If you rotate your mattress topper once in a month, you can decrease the chances of early wear and tear of the topper. Similarly, if you occasionally flip it, then you can reduce the moisture in the mattress. This is because organic mattress toppers take moisture from your body and air when you are sleeping on it. Flipping the mattress topper ensures that the moisture is released.

It is necessary to note that wool mattress toppers have a tendency to compress when moisture starts accumulating. If you flip and rotate regularly, you can release this moisture regularly to maintain the shape of the mattress topper and avoid dips and bumps.

2. Air Out

The perspiration caused during sleep leaves unwanted smell and odors in the mattress. To eliminate that, you can dry out and air out the mattress topper in the sun. This would remove the odor and leave your mattress topper fresh and without any smell.

Your wool mattress topper may be bulky, so you can’t take it out often. In that case, open the window and let the sun fall on the unmade bed. This would allow the odor to subside with the sunlight.

Another amazing alternative to drying out is using a vacuum cleaner to draw out moisture and remove the allergens, dirt, and dust from the wool mattress topper.

3. Don’t Machine Wash

Do not try to machine wash your wool mattress topper. Natural wool has air pockets, which absorbs water. Once in the water, the mattress topper becomes extremely heavy to wash. This can lead to an irregular machine cycle. The rigorous motion of the washing machine can further harm the binding of the mattress. Hence, there’s no requirement of washing the topper.

Instead, try dry cleaning once in a while. This is also risky as the cleaning agents of dry cleaning have hazardous residue that can impact your health. So, try looking for a dry cleaner that specializes in organic cleaning or has experience in using biodegradable cleaning agents.

In reality, you can keep the mattress topper clean and hygienic even without washing and dry cleaning the mattress topper. Try using other methods for this purpose.

4. Clean Spots

Every liquid stain gets harder with the time you wait to clean it. As soon as there is a spill or spot on the mattress topper, clean it immediately with a washcloth and then with a dry paper towel. Then, keep out the organic mattress topper to let the moisture dry out.

Ensure that you don’t rub the mattress topper to clean it. This can increase the lumps and dips in the mattress topper.

In case you need to clean urine smell or bloodstain from the organic mattress topper, use the following solutions:

  • Mild soap
  • One-part vinegar and three-part water
  • One-part detergent, six-part water, one-part vinegar

Use any of the above solutions, dip a fresh cloth in it, and dab on the area. Wait for time and then with a cloth dipped in fresh water. Lastly, take a dry towel and dab to remove excess moisture.

Use rubbing alcohol to sanitize the spots and stain in case of blood and urine.

Don’t forget to let the wool mattress topper to dry out completely.


With regular use, your wool mattress topper can attract a lot of moisture. Removing it is necessary to increase the life of the mattress and maintain its structure. Therefore, follow the above tips and clean your organic mattress topper to improve comfort for a long period. However, avoid cleaning, dry cleaning, and airing out too much. Once a month is more than enough.


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