How to Get Google Adsense Approval Within 7 Days

Google Adsense is the best and reputed ad network to monetize websites and blog posts. It is better than other CPC (Cost per click) advertising programs. It offers the highest click-through rate (CTR) to publishers for a website or web page. Its publishers can make a lot of revenue daily. 

What is Google AdSense?

Google Adsense was the most trusted Ad network designed by Google in 2003. It shows the relevant ad according to your website content. 

Google Adsense is not complex if you follow proper policies and guidelines. It is the way to earn money from a blog or website. If you have quality content you can earn a good amount of income. It can be effective if you put the effort in the right way. 

How AdSense works 

Google Adsense is referred to as “ad auction”. Google connects advertisers with publishers who have relevant users for their advertisements. It provides website owners to earn revenue from their content. 

Google Adsense creates the ads and paid for by the advertisers who want to promote their products. The advertiser pays a price for different ads and the amount you earn will also vary. 

Here are the 3 steps of how Adsense works:

1. Make Ad space available:

Make your website ad space available by pasting ad code on your website, and also choose where you want your ad to appear.

2. The highest paying ad on your site:

Adsense is based on a bidding system. The highest paying ad will show on your website.

3. You get paid:

Google Adsense handles the process of billing all the advertisers and networks of the ads on your site, to make sure that you receive the payment timely.

How can you approve your Adsense account?

1. Content and domain creation

Content is the king, it should be written in such a way that it is valuable to the audience. Try to write 800+ words in the article, which is not compulsory to get approval but it is risk-free and good practice.

Make sure that you write a catchy headline and include high-quality images that make the content unique. Google Adsense gives priority to the quality content site.

Selecting the domain is a crucial thing to rank your site is search engines and also to get Google Adsense approval easily.

You can prefer the top-level domains like .com, .net, .org, etc. You can also choose the domain like .online, .blog, .review, etc. You can also choose the free domain like .tk, .cf, .ml, .ga, etc.

2. The number of posts and niche selection

The number of post doesn’t have any impact on the approval process but try to include at least 7+ posts that have unique and original content. 

Selecting the niche is an important thing to get Google Adsense’s account approval. Always choose a  niche that Google approves like education, technology, health, finance, blogging, etc. Google disapproves of a niche like hacking, gambling, illegal practice, etc.

3. Blog designs, navigation, and speed

blog themes and hosting play a very vital role in approval for Adsense account to try to use the simple theme, which is also mobile responsive.

Select a reputed hosting provider for a faster experience. Use proper navigation for the user like privacy policy, contact us, etc. so that users can easily navigate your site without any confusion. 

4. Very important pages for Google Adsense approval

Google has some terms and conditions if you don’t follow them it will become difficult to get your Adsense account approval.

For Adsense approval, you need to add about us, privacy policy, and contact us on your website. 

5. Recommended additional pages for Google Adsense approval-

The about us, privacy policy, and contact us are compulsory for Google Adsense approval. Apart from this, you can also add some additional pages like terms of service, disclaimer, etc to make your Adsense approval faster, these pages are not compulsory but are highly recommended. 

6. Remove other ad networks and paid traffic 

If you are using ad platforms like Infolinks, VigLinks, etc. make sure that you remove all the ad from your blog before applying for Google Adsense. Before applying make your blog simple and ad-free.

Google disapproves of paid traffic. It is not mandatory that you need to have huge paid traffic to your site for Adsense approval.

7. Google Adsense Approval Main Criteria:

To participate in the AdSense program here is something to check before you sign up for an Adsense account. 

8. Content complies with Adsense policy:  

before you sign up, make sure that your site meets with the Google Adsense approval policies. As Adsense policies change at any time as per terms and conditions, keep your site up to date.

9. You should be the domain owner:

Adsense application process allows you to verify the ownership of the domain. It is done by inserting the ad code in the head section of your site. 

Good content quality: Google has a user guide experience for the publisher. To have good quality content, make sure that the content is arranged as per user guide experiences or not. 

Google Adsense policy violation: 

The Adsense policy center gives detailed information about the policy violation that has been found on your website. 

You must know some Google policy before applying for Adsense. This policy should not be violated, as it may lead to your account being banned. 

  • Do not use copied content on your website. Google does not support copy content.
  • Do not use more than 3 units of add ons
  • You do not over click your own ad manually.
  • Never invite friends or click on own add-ons.

If you follow these step you will get Adsense approval very easily in less than 7 days.  It is a great way to make money online. Google Adsense is the number one choice among all the other available ad networks. 

Before applying for the Google Adsense make sure you follow all the above steps. If your application is rejected due to any reason check other Google Adsense alternatives.

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