How to Find Your Fashion Style

Everyone wears clothes every day of their life, but not everyone has a distinct personal style. Some people immediately know what their fashion style is while others spend half their life slowly honing in on it. However, both options are great! If you’re struggling to pinpoint your own personal fashion style, here are a few exercises to help you unlock your fashion potential and find your fashion style.

1. Go through your closet and put outfits together.

Spend a few hours combing through your closet and pull out your favorite or most go-to outfits. Try each outfit on and take a photo of yourself in the outfit. After you’ve done this for each look, see what they all have in common. 

Do you gravitate towards skinny jeans? Does every outfit contain a pop of maroon? You might have already found the beginnings of your fashion style and just need to expand on it.

2. Pay attention to what you never wear. 

While you’re combing through your closet and pulling together your usual and go-to outfits, pay attention to what you never wear. 

  • Does it still have a tag on? 
  • What did you buy but only wore once? 
  • Why didn’t you like it? 
  • Did the silhouette not work for your body type? 

We tend to forget about all our impulse purchases of yesteryears because they get buried in the back of our closets, but allow yourself to confront your past fashion mishaps, keeping them at the forefront of your mind as you seek out new inspiration.

3. Browse social media for inspiration.

Browse through Pinterest and Instagram for fashion inspiration. On Pinterest, you can type in an aesthetic (French girl chic) or simply input a type of clothing you like (a knit crop-top) and find hundreds of inspiring pics to get your creative fashion juices flowing. Once you’re in Pinterest and clicking on images you like, it will keep generating similar images for you. 

You can also search through Instagram for fashion inspiration. Search Instagram for #blogger or #fashionblogger to find individuals with your ideal fashion style, hit that follow button, and soak up the inspiration. 

When you come across an image you like, “save” the image. You might also find that you like certain celebrities’ personal styles, so browse their social media and paparazzi images to get a sense of their personal taste and how you might interpret that style on your own.

4. Consider your lifestyle & Know your body type

If you’re inspired by the Kardashians but you, unfortunately, don’t live the same lavish lifestyle – you may want to take their fashion choices and put your own spin on it.

Based on your lifestyle, here are some things to consider when searching for your fashion style:

  • Do you work from home?
  •  Are you required to dress business casual every day? 
  • Do you travel for work? 
  • Do you like staying in or going out?
  • Do you live in a warm-weather state? 

Consider your geography and your general lifestyle when thinking about your personal style. 

Let’s say you work from home. You need something comfortable, so maybe try dressing up a sweatshirt with a pair of great denim jeans. 

Maybe you interface with customers all day and need to look polished and professional. You can invest in a few colorful blazers and mix and match with comfy heels. 

Also, consider how much effort you put into getting dressed. Do you prefer to throw on jeans and a t-shirt or do you have some time each morning to dedicate to your look? The next time you’re shopping, consider what things catch your eye and how well they integrate (or don’t) with your current job, lifestyle, and location.

Knowing your body type and what you feel most comfortable wearing helps streamline the shopping process. 

5. Pay attention to what brands you like.

Pay attention to what clothing brands you’ve gravitated towards in the past. Retailers themselves carry their own unique style, which you can use as a jumping-off point to help shape your own style. 

Do you shop at J. Crew frequently, or wish you did? That might mean you like a slightly preppy and polished look. 

Tend to go for sales at Forever21? That means you like youthful trendy pieces and switching things up with each season. 

If you tend to shop at second-hand and vintage shops, that might mean you’re into timeless pieces that can endure the ever-changing fashion landscape. 

Spend some time browsing some online retailers you like and see how they dress the models and mannequins. If finding your own fashion style is overwhelming, just start by shopping at one retailer and copying the looks on the mannequin. You can start by defining your fashion style around your favorite brands and then once you’ve got the hang of it, branch out from there.

Finding your fashion style is an ever-evolving thing. The style you rock in college might be different from the way you dress as a parent. How you dress is an extension of your heart, your soul, your personality, and your priorities, so take care when it comes to fashion because personal style is distinctly you.


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