Finding the right shipping partner is one of the most important aspects of running an ecommerce business. If you are shipping your orders internationally, you may have to pay hefty shipping charges. However, partnering up with a cheap international shipping service means you don’t have to take the loss and your profit margin won’t be affected by high cross-border shipping cost. The trends in international logistics show that the international delivery cost rises with a rise in monetary inflation. Increased cargo loads and skyrocketing energy prices are another reason that adds to international shipping costs. Therefore, cross-border ecommerce businesses need to evaluate their delivery partners from time to time. This way they can ensure that they are getting the cheapest possible rates for international deliveries. Let’s read some tips by Arba from Last Minute Shippers on how to find the cheapest international shipments service for your business.

Finding the cheapest international shipping service:

Following are some things you must consider when trying to find the cheapest international delivery service:

Inquire about international shipping services cost:

As an ecommerce business proprietor, finding a cheap international shipping partner needs to be your primary consideration.  The cheapest delivery services see the factor of pricing as an important marketing tool. They create strategies to maintain good cost leadership by offering the cheapest international delivery rates. This way they stay ahead of their competition. As an ecommerce business owner, you need to look beyond the delivery cost. You also need to consider the quality of the service provided. Low delivery rates should never mean a dip in the service quality. Your motive should be finding the cheapest international shipping company that offers high-quality and the most reliable international logistics service.

Evaluate your shipping company’s customer service:

Offering the cheapest rate doesn’t mean that your potential international shipment company has poor customer service. Various shipping companies keep the pricing low while maintaining the highest standard of customer service. Therefore, don’t let your budget decide which shipment company to partner up with. Never settle for the low price unless you know it doesn’t affect the quality of the customer service. Make sure the shipping company you are planning to work with is good at handling customers’ problems that may occur before, during, or after transit.

Look for a logistic partner rather than a shipping company:

When it comes to running your cross-border ecommerce business, you need to look for a courier company with whom you can build a strong partnership. Go for a service that greatly values its customers. Providing the cheapest rates shouldn’t affect the quality of the services they offer. It should only be a strategy to build customer loyalty. When you will build a good relationship with your international courier service, you can take orders from all across the world and ship them on time without any problem or delays. You can also enjoy limitless opportunities by partnering up with a reliable international courier.

Compare quotations from different companies:

If you want to get the best international shipping rates for your ecommerce business, you need to compare every option available in terms of pricing. This will help you to select the best yet cheapest company that meets the shipping need of your business. Apart from the pricing, you also need to compare each of these companies in the level of service they have been providing. This will help you figure out whether or not their pricing matches the level of service they offer.

Choose multiple options:

You don’t need to limit yourself to only one option. If it suits you, you can go for multiple shipment options. Remember! Your motive is to get the cheapest shipping rates without compromising the quality of service. You can consider as many options as you want if that saves you money. Not to forget that you can quickly shift to another service if your primary company starts creating problems. If you are running a cross-border ecommerce business, international shipping can add to your expenses. However, if you partner up with a cheap delivery service, you can better manage the cost of shipping your international order. Ask for a referral before finalizing an international courier service to work with. Make sure it offers the highest quality of customer service along with the best pricing.


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