FaceApp: why is it popular, and how do I use it?

Scrolling through your news feed on social media like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, has it perplexed you that how is it that so many oldies have uploaded their photos? Well, it’s not that suddenly the utility has increased by the elder generation nor has a wave swept across making everyone old.  This is the result of another Millennial trend that is the use of the Old Age Face filter. 

The Face App that has been on the internet for a while but has taken the world by storm with just one feature overnight (Something that often occurs nowadays)  is what has become the talk of the town. 

The Face App is a sensation now. And, it looks like it is here to stay. Many celebrities from Hollywood like Robert Downey Jr., Carrie Underwood, Kevin Hart, Heidi Klum, Courteney Cox, and Sean Lowe and Bollywood celebs like Arjun Kapoor, Hrithik Roshan, Anil Kapoor, etc. Even famous cricketers like Rohit Sharma have tried this trend.

The reason is quite evident. While strong competitors like Snapchat and Instagram already have filters-features available, the reason why Face App has become so popular is that it doesn’t put a layer on your image. It has powerful Artificial intelligence put to use that very efficiently and realistically converts your young self into a much older version of you.

What is FaceApp?

Face App is free to download app available for both iPhone and Android users on their respective Play stores. Though the app has become famous for turning photos into older humans, it has many other features that are equally effective.

It has some astounding features like gender swap, adding glasses, amazing tattoos, growing a beard, putting on make-up, smile, Changing of eye color, hair color, and style among others.

How to begin using FaceApp?

Well, by now you must have been really amazed by the impressive details this filter adds to your images. If not that, you must definitely be willing to try your hand and join the bandwagon in visualizing how handsome or beautiful the old you would look.

Here are simple steps stated for you to guide you through this app:

Step 1: The simple and obvious first move would be to download the app.

For iPhone users on the Apple store: Click Here

For Android users on the Google store: Click Here

Step 2: The next step is a choice to subscribe or not. Thereafter, you will be informed that every photo that you would be choosing to edit shall be saved with their servers for editing and face transformation. You can select whether to allow the app to access your photo library.

Step 3: You can now click on the “Camera” icon for clicking a selfie-and applying filter. Now, select “use”.

This will take a while as your photo will be processed for further application. You can also choose one of the photos from your library.

Step 4: After processing, you will be offered various filters involving smileys, impressions, age and more. Select the option where “Age” is mentioned.

Step 5: Out of these, select “Old”.

This will generate an image of the old you. On clicking Layout, you will be able to view a comparison between your original and filtered photos.

faceapp challenge

Another unique feature that Face App allows is that you can use these filters on any images. It is pretty simple. When you open the FaceApp, there is a provision to select an image from sources. You can even select an image from google or any celebrities and have fun.


Most of us have a usual habit of accepting the Terms and Conditions simply by checking the box. We put in little to no effort in reading what is being written under it. 

Considering FaceApp, various concerns have been raised about privacy and security. It is speculated that this app downloads the entire gallery along with your name and other personal details. It also has the permission to make use of this information without informing and giving royalty.

However, this possibility has been ruled out by the makers and owners of this App. Only the particular photo that is uploaded for editing is saved on their servers.

All-in-all this a fun app, but using it is definitely one’s discretion.

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