The sizes of RV mattresses are not the same as the ones we use in our home. RV manufacturers design the units in a way that every little space is made usable. Therefore, the sizes and dimensions differ significantly. Here are the most common RV mattress sizes available in the market.

RV Mattress Sizes Chart

RV California King72″ x 84″
RV King76″ x 80″
RV Olympic Queen66″ x 80″


RV Queen60″ x 80″
RV Short Queen60″ x 75″
RV Full55″ x 75″
RV Three Quarter48″ x 80
RV Twin42″ x 80″
RV Bunk35″ x 79″
RV Bunk34″ x 75″


Do not worry about what kind of bed you have in your RV. Organic Sleep Systems offers custom mattress manufacturing services. So, if there is a particular kind or size of RV mattress you need, order a custom-made mattress from Organic Sleep Systems.




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