Delights of the Best Andaman Beaches for Travel Enthusiasts

The shimmering blue waters, smooth silky sands, beautiful cottages, huts and shacks, and amazing water sports activities together make these beaches in Andaman an experience worth cherishing.

The most striking thing about Andaman is its beaches, tucked in the various pristine islands. Shimmering blue waters, smooth sands, pretty cottages & huts, and amazing water sports activities are what make these beaches in Andaman a must-visit. While there are some very prominent & exciting ones that are loaded with tourists, other peaceful & remote beaches are perfect for a personal Andaman holiday for honeymooners.

1. Radhanagar Beach

The Radhanagar Beach on the Havelock island is another of the beckoning best beaches in Andaman which is a must-visit for you. With the crystal clear waters as well as the gorgeous shoreline, this beach is the 7th best beach in Andaman.

One cannot neglect the spouting sounds of waves or the salty punch visible all-around when you’re near the beach. Its white shining sands, turquoise waters, and lush green palm vegetation make it a dreamland for a casual walk. Lots of people also visit this to take pleasure in a little get together with their families.

Highlights of Radhanagar Beach: Radha Nagar beach is very famous for snorkeling, scuba diving and also game fishing.

2. Wandoor Beach

This coral beach in Andaman, Wandoor, is one of the charming and popular Andaman and Nicobar beaches. The beach is a gateway to the Mahatma Gandhi National Marine Park – an excellent destination to identify elegant corals and also marine fauna. A paradise for photographers and nature lovers, this beach is often visited by travelers for relaxing walks.

Wandoor Beach Famous for Glass-bottom boating and scuba diving under expert guidelines.

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3. Elephant Beach

Wonderful white-sand shoreline alongside a stunning coral reef this is another shoreline which is an absolute necessity visit for you. Elephant Beach is one of the well-known shorelines roosted on Havelock Island.

The white sand shoreline and also the blue water at the Elephant beach are drawing for almost every explorer. One can get to the beach by a boat ride to Elephant beach going through a lighthouse which is impressive.

Highlights: Snorkelling, swimming, and Scuba Diving are a few of the activities which are extremely popular on the beach. Head out for an impressive evening on the beach and enjoy the glorious sunset.

4. Corbyn’s Cove Beach

Found at a short distance of 8 kilometers from the city center, Corbyn’s Cove is one of the most easily accessible beaches from Port Blair. You’ll be surrounded by coconut trees and lush plants on this beach, making it perfect for picnics and excursions. Sit conveniently on the chairs or chase after the waves, the selection is entirely yours!

5. Kala Pathar Beach

Another feather added the cap of the Andaman Islands in terms of beaches is Kala Pathar Beach Emerald water, gleaming sand, and clear skies enhance each other extremely well. Tie a hammock, rest and read a book. You can feel assured of ‘Me’ time at this one of the popular beaches in Havelock Island. 

Highlights: One can also head out for swimming and also sunbathing while at the beach. This beach is famous for relaxing as well as simply enjoying the neighboring places.

6. Vijaynagar Beach

Vijaynagar Beach is likewise known as Beach No. 5 as well as is situated in Havelock Island. The sandy beach is at times interrupted by the rocky landscape. Mahua trees are the special feature of this beach. The trunk of these trees is located dragging on the floor for a specific distance before they grow upright. Tourists can enjoy the waves of the sea sitting under the shade of these trees.

Highlights: The water is shallow and clean and also is ideal for surfing & swimming.

7. Laxmanpur Beach

Located on Neil Island, Laxmanpur Beach is a spectacular white covering sand beach simply perfect for sunbathing as well as swimming. The shallow waters are home to corals which once thrived in abundance in the region.

Enthusiasts can go snorkeling to explore the shallow waters as well as the corals too. The lengthy stretch of sand is appropriate for long strolls and also the enchanting sunsets.

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8. Bharatpur Beach

Home to the rich reef, Bharatpur Beach is known as the ‘Coral Kingdom’. A trip to Andaman is incomplete without halting at this beach. Flashing sand, ultramarine water and also far-off jungles add to the beauty of the destination. Moreover, the shallow water evokes the feelings in also non-swimmers to learn some swimming strokes.

9. Sitapur Beach

Neil Island, now Shaheed Dweep, houses some of the wonderful beaches in Andaman. Sitapur Beach is one of them. As a matter of fact, the excellent beach is famed for its lush foliage, white sand, sapphire water as well as nature’s bounty. In addition, you can click the best pictures with a remarkable backdrop. Furthermore, the beach also holds the title of ‘Sunrise Beach’ for showcasing gorgeous sunrise views.

10. Guitar Island & Beach

A marvel of nature, the island shows you a guitar-shaped island. Strangely, this exotic island is tucked out of common tourist itineraries as well as is amongst the least visited islands. That’s possible because there isn’t anything much to do here other than sitting back and enjoying the beautiful beach and also the beautiful view of the sea under the color of a coconut tree.

Interesting Fact: Right beside Guitar Island is a smaller island called the Little Guitar Island because of the fact that it is shaped like a guitar as well! During low tides, the islands often get linked by narrow sand bars.

11. Cinque Island

At a distance of 26 kilometers from Port Blair, the Cinque Island is an isolated island in the Andaman Archipelago, on the north side of Duncan Passage, between Rutland Island as well as Passage Island. They belong to the Andaman & Nicobar Islands.

Cinque Island is situated on the south-western coast of South Andaman in the Bay of Bengal. The Island is geologically classified into North Cinque Island and also South Cinque Island.

Both islands are connected by a sand bar and therefore are frequently thought about a solitary Cinque Island. Both departments of Cinque Island are a part of the Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park, which is popularly known as Wandoor Marine National Park.

12. Lalaji Bay Beach

The solitary lying sandy, Lalaji Bay beach on the west coast Long island is a remote beach that can be reached by commencing a trek or by taking a boat trip from Rangat jetty. Ideal for swimming as well as snorkeling, the Lalaji Bay beach radiates tint of aqua blue sea with attractive scenery of Mangrove creeks.

Lalaji beach is popular for A heavy for skinny-dippers, Lalaji Bay Beach is famed for supplying exciting swimming options. Dolphin spotting is another destination of the Lalaji Bay Beach which makes it a must-visit.

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