Can Custom Donut Boxes Charm Your Customers?

As a bakery owner, have you ever taken your time to realize just how important custom donut boxes are in your business? When it comes to selling your donuts, are you able to make a grand entry? If you haven’t considered having custom options in packaging, now is the time.

Having donut packaging boxes will enhance the value of the delicious donuts encased in them. Well-decorated custom printed donut boxes can subtly influence your customers. The best part is that you can have a variety of custom packaging available at wholesale prices to flaunt your donuts. Over the years, this variety of packaging boxes has proven to be vital.

If you wish to get a creative change in the boxes, you have for your donuts, read the blog and you may choose the best boxes as per your business requirements.

A Packaging Box in a “Donut” Shape

In donut packaging, this is a unique option. Pack your donuts in custom “donut” shaped packaging boxes. Isn’t that a different idea on its own? It will surely grab the attention of the customers seeking to buy your donuts.

A packaging box shaped just like a donut will look appealing. Companies like  The Legacy Printing present these custom donut-shaped boxes. The best part is that these boxes can also serve the packaging needs of a different variety of bakery goods.

For example, you can pack mini cupcakes, macaroons, mini donuts, cookies, and similar items. This box is also ideal to pack a single piece of donut. It helps to keep the donut in shape and prevents the topping from any smudges. This choice of custom donut packaging boxes will definitely leave a lasting good impression on your customers.

Single Mock-Up Donut Boxes

This variety of custom donut boxes can hold a single piece of donut in it. You are sure to find one in a bakery shop at the time of purchase. This packaging box appears like a small tray, with four boundary walls. Each wall on the left and the right side is slightly higher than the walls on the back and front. They give support to the donuts by keeping them in place. Usually, these mock-up boxes measure 3.55 x 2 by 2.36 inches in their size to maintain the shape of the donut. These donut packaging boxes are not only great to present donuts to customers but appear attractive inside counter shelves.

Transparent Top Custom Donut Boxes

Since packaging boxes must allure customers to them, another innovative choice is the transparent top custom donut box. The box has a plastic covering on the top along with two-piece lids on the top that serve as flaps to open the boxes.

This donut box uses top quality materials, often, biodegradable materials, which makes it a safe choice. They are available in different sizes, ranging from single donuts to double and so on. Such custom donut packaging boxes offer brand recognition and you may use stickers on the top to beautify them. As gifts, you can use ribbons on the top as well.

With custom donut boxes, you have unlimited options. You may choose plain boxes and print your company logo and brand name on them. Add more details like the donut ingredients, production, expiry dates, and other relevant details.

You should take your time to discuss the customization options with the printing and packaging company you choose. Evaluate the prices they offer. Whether you can avail bulk discounts on wholesale of custom donut boxes orders or not.

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