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What kind of Health & Fitness Guest Post Blog do we accept?

We accept all kinds of blogs related to Health and Fitness like:

      1. Fitness Blogs
      2. Health Tips
      3. Health Articles
      4. Healthcare Blogs
      5. Healthy Lifestyle Blogs
      6. Healthy Food Blogs
      7. Health Care Blogs
      8. Health Tips

We showcase blogs and articles for readers who have an interest in Health and Fitness. We are on the lookout for relevant content in the same field. The content must be unique and attractive.

Do you intend to write Health Blogs for eNewscafe? We can give you an opportunity for exposure to your blog or brand through our curious readers.

Do you think you have a good knowledge of Health, lifestyle, fitness, diet plans etc? If yes, you can be a contributor to our Health Articles. We invite you to show your skills in the form of writing Health-related blogs.

We keep an eye on interesting and captivating content for the Best Health Blogs. Feel free to contact us and we will help you explore your expertise and talent.

A good piece of writing is not just simple and easy. It has to be engrossing as well. However, we request you to maintain a distance from any content that is controversial. Do not describe it in the Health Articles that you submit us-

We also request you to do some checks to avoid content rejection. We assure that the content received is unique. So the Health Blogs that you send us must be 100% plagiarism free. We expect to have valuable and authentic content on our website. These ethics get us more readers which are in benefit of all of us.

We do allow promotion but with relevant Health information. Make sure that you do not stick with just the promotion and review.

Our primary focus is to educate the audience. We provide them with relevant information as much as possible.

Important FYI for Health Article guest post

Here is some other important information that can help you in guest post submission in the health niche

Word Limit for Health & FItness blog

The main aim of our blogs is to impart knowledge. So make sure that there is enough relevant information about the topic you choose. However, please make sure that the reader can relate it with Health Articles and Health Care blogs.  

      1. We have fixed the lower limit to 500-700 words.
      1. You can send the Health Articles in the form of a Google Doc file.
      2. Your Health Article must be without grammatical errors and typos.
      3. Should bear at least 1 image. The image size should be 1200×628 and more for featured images.
      4. We recommend High Resolution and best quality images related to Health blogs.
      5. Health Blogs should have good readability.
      6. Make your paragraph and information strong, relevant and efficient.
      7. You can also attach images or video links that relate to Health Articles.
      8. Make sure that you are able to end the blog with a conclusion and interact with the readers.
      9. Submit an original Health Article i.e a blog that has not been published somewhere else before

The article may be edited by eNewscafe before publishing if we think it is required.

Links that you can add

      1. You can add 1 link of your website in your Health Article.
      2. We accept 1 link in the Author Bio.
      3. The Health article must be linked to your blog.

eNewscafe has an authority to remove any link if it seems like an irrelevant or spammy link.

In order to send the Health Blogs, you can contact us directly at info@enewscafe.com.

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