Best Tools to display live twitter feeds in events

Events nowadays are getting technology-friendly.

And thus, the event organizers think smart and involve social media with their events. The process they choose for it is social media aggregation and the network they would most likely choose is Twitter.

Especially, Twitter has a separate fan-base and goodwill. Though other social media networks have their own pros and pluses, yet Twitter has no match in the case of a credible audience.

Displaying ‘social media wall’ in their events is one of the smarter ways to keep the audience engaged and excited.

To display a live twitter feed in events, one needs to opt for social media or twitter aggregator. And below, we are mentioning some of the trending social media aggregators which can help you in doing so with all the event friendly features in them-


Taggbox is an all in one social media aggregator that can easily grab the content from Twitter, moderate that content and can display it in events or on websites.

The user only needs to make an account in it, and savor all the services of it as per the requirements.

One can create a feed by fetching hashtags, Twitter handles, or mentions, keywords, lists, favorites and also through some advanced features. The feed once created needs to get moderated.

Moderation here means for the filtering of content for the best posts to be displayed on the social wall in events.

Taggbox also allows to make the content look more attractive and interactive through customizable options like to ‘show or hide’ the tweets and replies, to change the color and size of the text in the posts, and many other engagement worthy options.

Also, to keep the audience engaged and curious for the live twitter feed, it allows us to update it with real-time in a very short span of time with its professional package.

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2. Everwall

Everwall is also a social media aggregation tool capable of aggregating content from Twitter very smoothly.

As its name suggests, it is a wall builder with all the event friendly features like announcements, data analytics including the engagement stats, visitor count and other relevant statistics.

One can not only display a twitter wall but also can embed it into a website with similar customizable options like font style, color, and size.

Also, you can implement your style of CSS into it to make it sync with the website’s user-interface.

Back into the case of displaying live twitter feed in an event, Everwall allows to moderate the content through mobile, giving you a flexible style of control over the content.

Meanwhile an event, one can control every upcoming post from Twitter through his/her mobile phone, within a few seconds only.

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3. Tagboard

It is an event-like social media aggregator with features like notifications for the upcoming events and announcements for even better user engagement.

Tagboard can fetch the Twitter content with all the usual options like curation and moderation of the content, with themes to choose for a better layout of the Twitter feed.

Tagboard offers multiple options to display twitter feed as a wall, but those options are based on what type of account you possess. Like ‘isolated’ for single post display, ‘grip’ type for multiple-posts display and ‘cinematic’, waterfall are some themes with animated display for better interaction and enhancing the user engagement even higher.

It has various corporate firms as its clients because of outstanding operational functionalities.

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4. Hootfeed

Hootfeed is best to display Q&A sessions of twitter on a live twitter wall.

Hootfeed is capable of showcasing the live twitter feed, especially, when any question is trending, it works best.

One can keep the audience engaged with it by showcasing a live Q&A session with all the answers and the latest tweets coming on to it. It gets refreshed after every shorter span and can turn the audience curious for every next tweet on that question.

Once, the audience gets engaged with it, the event will indirectly get a rise in overall user engagement with a considerable hike in sales too.


For turning out the event memorable, the organizers adopt ways to engage the audience as much as possible.

The event organizers try to play smart and build a relationship with the audience. By displaying the live twitter feed in events, the audience could find their own generated content including themselves on it and get engaged with the event with curiosity for the same.

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