Best Honeymoon Destination to Visit in India

Would you like to experience a unique honeymoon at the other end of the world? Today we’ll tell you why it is worth visiting India for a honeymoon. India is a legendary country, wrapped in lots of wonderful stories that travelers are happy to share.

A huge space, filled with colors, fragrances, textures, and architecture that are unheard of anywhere else. So, booking cheap Honeymoon & Romantic Packages in India will never be a bad idea!

Who can steal a trip to India? First of all, people who love to seek adventure, discover new places, meet people, their tradition and culture, walk the paths of history and admire the landscapes. You will find these and many other things in India – visit the land of diversity on your honeymoon!

Legendary Delhi-First Place To Visit With cheap Honeymoon & Romantic Packages in India

The second-largest city after Mumbai, and one of the richest, most densely populated cities in the world. Delhi has been bustling with life since the 6th century BC, and the preserved heritage and architecture take travelers to a completely different world.

At the same time, Delhi is a huge and modern metropolis with fascinating buildings designed by architectural masters (e.g. the phenomenal Lotus Temple).

The advantage of landing in Delhi are also affordable tickets and an infinite hotel base in every possible standard. A good option is to hire a private loqw3xs, rest after a long journey, and go on a guided trip.

Taj Mahal, The monument of love

About 4 hours south of Delhi is Agra, the city where the famous Taj Mahal was built. Agra has been considered the capital of culture, art, and architecture since the 15th century. It is not without reason that one of the most beautiful temples of love was created in Agra!

Taj Mahal is a mausoleum for the beloved wife of the Indian emperor, Shah Jahan. The Empress died at the age of only 38 during the delivery of their fourteenth child.

Earlier, however, she obliged her husband to keep her three promises…. taking care of children, not entering another marriage and building a monument in her memories.

The emperor kept his word and for years built a beautiful white temple, which has now been entered on the list of new wonders of the world. Being from a honeymoon it is necessary to visit it, especially at sunrise or sunset.

Hot deserts of Rajasthan

After visiting the Taj Mahal, it is worth changing the landscape a bit and moving to another region, Rajasthan. It is only 4 hours from Agra to the largest desert city in India, Jaipur. But before you start exploring them, there is one more mysterious place on the way – Fatehpur Sikri, an abandoned city.

Fatehpur Sikri was completely abandoned in the 17th century and today it is inhabited by only 30,000 residents who deal mainly with the conservation of monuments. Fatehpur Sikri was supposed to be a calmer and quieter suburb of Agra, but it turned out that for logistical reasons (lack of water!), it is impossible to live in it.

On the other hand, when it comes to Jaipur, it is often referred to as “the pink city”. In Jaipur, palaces and beautiful mansions reign in this color, and the Palace of Winds( Hawa Mahal) is the most popular building among tourists. Jaipur is also a good place to explore by bike or scooter. It is also full of colorful markets and tempting streets that are waiting to be discovered.


Known as the Land of God, Kerala is a great destination to visit with cheap Honeymoon & Romantic Packages in India. ‌ ‌Nature is exuberant, the people are extremely friendly, the sun is generous, the food is wonderful.

And the beaches, oh my friends, the beaches are lovely. Not to mention the importance of Ayurveda in the region, which makes virtually all hotels and resorts offer special packages of aesthetic and health care.

As a honeymoon destination, Kerala offers delicious walks. Even many Hollywood stars choose Kerala to relax and escape the spotlight. And everyone who goes to Kerala loves it! There is no way not to be enchanted by this state full of beauty.

Evergreen Nature

If you are looking for romantic, nature walks, you will be enchanted by Kerala’s Backwaters. Numerous channels bathe the state, where you can stroll and stay in luxury boathouses on an unforgettable cruise with your love.

Heavenly Beaches

The beaches are also paradisiacal, with hotels with fantastic structures and complete privacy for you to enjoy your love and nature without any shame. They also have delicious Ayurvedic treatments, ie, massages for you to relax, with the scent of natural medicinal oils.

Beautiful Mountains

And after all that, you can still enjoy the mountainous regions of Kerala and enjoy a cooler climate amidst the overgrown vegetation and tea plantations. Trecking, rafting, understanding how to plant and produce the tea that arrives on our tables around the world… really feels amazing!

And All Super Cheap!

Best of all, Kerala is a very cheap destination for all the luxury and comfort it offers. We know that having a wedding party can be quite expensive, and top honeymoon destinations take advantage of even more charges from the bride and groom.

But aside from the ticket to India, which can be a little more expensive, being there, all the luxury and comfort does not go far. Yes, it’s absurdly cheap if we’re going to compare with other destinations.

That is if you are wondering which honeymoon destination to choose, start considering Kerala as an option. You won’t regret it!

Hope this post helps! Book Honeymoon & Romantic Packages in India today and enjoy an unforgettable experience of spending some great moments with the love of your life!

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