7 Proven Ways to Boost Employee Morale

There is no denying the fact that employees are the biggest assets for any business. They can make or break your brand. Naturally, it is essential for you to take care of your employee’s morale. 

Employee morale is nothing but a feeling of satisfaction or well-being in the workplace. Research has shown the link between enhanced job performance and employee morale. 

So if your business is not treating this concept as a priority, then it is bound to suffer from a setback. You may have to pay for that in the form of absenteeism, lower turnovers, and lower productivity.

The solution? Well, raising the salary of the employees is not the only solution to boost employee morale. Here are simple tricks abiding by which can help you to bring a smile to the lips of your employees and achieve success in the long run. 

1. Communicate with the Team Members 

Your employees know that you won’t be able to tell them all the details about everything. There is a lot of info that won’t be necessary for the job. However, if the team members start thinking that you are deliberately hiding facts, they can lose their trust in you. 

So, communication is important and that shows respect and care for your team. When you share the good news and are sincere about the bad news, your employees start trusting you and that way you also do away with the gossip. This is a great way of fostering solidarity among your employees which is essential for better achievements. 

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2. Ask for Feedback and Act Accordingly

For boosting employee morale, it is essential that you seek feedback from employees. When you show the employees that you are listening, they will feel more involved and motivated.

But it is not enough to just collect feedback. You should act upon it too. Even if you are not implementing each and every feedback, be thankful to the employees for sending their suggestions. 

3. Use Public Recognition 

The employee appreciation is essential and research shows that over 50% of the employees stay at their jobs for a prolonged period if they get appreciated by their boss while over 75% of the employees identify appreciation form peers to be motivating.  

Though private recognition is great, public recognition is said to be more effective. You can call out your star performers in team meetings and appreciate their hard work. Letting employees know that you notice helps to create a better work ambiance. 

4. Offer Opportunities for Skill Development and Self Growth 

Training happens to be an investment that the employees make in their workforce.  Offering training to the employees shows that you value your people and their contributions. Moreover, this also portrays that your organization values advancement both in the case of the organizations as well as the career of people. Hence, this creates loyalty, attachment, and enthusiasm amongst the employees. 

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5. Enhance the Vacation Days

Just like employees are hesitant to step away from the desks during lunch break, they also shy away from vacation time even though they know that boosts the morale of the employees.

Some companies have tried breaking this by providing unlimited vacation days but that is not required as that ends up confusing the staff. So instead of giving excessive choice that ends up being restrictive you should enhance the vacation days and add a bonus for those who truly take time out like no phone call or email on the beach. 

6. Organize Team Building Activities

You should make them a fun activity educational and enjoyable all at the same time. This can lift employee morale for the time being. Organize a scavenger hunt and create an office trivia for energizing your staff. 

7. Show You Care 

Last but not least, you should recognize the birthdays of every employee and send them gifts for weddings and when they welcome babies in their families. This way you can make them feel loved not just as an employee but as a human being and as part of your family. Making employees feel appreciated can encourage them to give their 100% to make things work for you. 

Apart from the above, you can also organize events with a professional event management company that will help you to know your employees better and also give them an opportunity to enjoy a deserving break.

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