7 Fun and Unusual Facts About Traveling around Australia

Australia is a well-heard travel destination in the world. Tourists all year long get attracted to the country for a visit once in a year. Well, you believe that you have already heard enough for the name Australia during these years. However, there are always some facts that are unknown, unusual, and unique about a place or person. 

We all know about the world-famous opera house of Sydney and even about the globally fascinating Kangaroos of the country. There are facts about Australia that are Bizare to find and interesting to hear! To your surprise, the country is much more fun, exciting, uncanny, and captivating. 

Australia being amidst the most substantial country in the world, is also the strangest! It has several facts that are gems like precious. Starting from the Aussie town Hallstatt till its sassy laws, many people say that Australia is one of a kind. 

A unique amalgamation of diverse wildlife, assorted ecology, nature’s mesmerizing beauty, Australia is not a little country. Located beside the paradise, Australia has something special in its vibe. The facts, followed in the article below, will surely amaze you to the next level! You might not have heard about it, but no worries, you can read them out here.

1. Beaches are the BFF and BAE to Australia:

Beaches are the BFF and BAE to Australia

When we talk about Australia, we are exactly talking about the country with a plethora of beaches. With its 90% population living on the seashores, Australia has 10,685 beaches! All you need to do is visit one Australian beach every day for continuously 29 years, and you get done with your explore! 

The iconic cities of the country like Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, and Queensland gives you the opportunity to thank nature by being on the phenomenal beaches they owe. Every 4 out of 5 Aussies live nearby 50 km of the coastline, and that is something quite unbelievable plus surreal! 

2. Snowfall of Switzerland feels shorter than Australia’s:

The Australian Alps that stands tall in New South Wales and Victoria, are the source to snowfall eventually, that overcomes the one in Switzerland! Yes, the Australian Alps indeed gets more snowfall to suffice the skiing lovers and satisfy the ice enthusiasts.

The snowfall results between June and September that covers the entire mountains of the Alps under white linen of nature. Besides the fact that Australia offers oomphy beaches and sunshine, it is a fact that one can enjoy the thrilling snow peaks of the country, Especially, the Blue Cow Mountain delivers the astonishing views across the Australian Alps and offers accommodation facilities as well.

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3. Wineries are the frequent phenomenons:

It is foolish if you visit Australia and not have its wine! Well, Australia has precisely sixty separate regions for wine production and processing. You can taste among the best wine varietals of the world in Australia. These regions collectively produce 1.35 trillion bottles of wine each year as per an aggregate. 

Another astounding fact about Australis is that the Aussies drink 1.7 billion liters of beer per year, which sums up to 680 bottles of beer for each adult per year. The Southern Highlands, Tumbarumba, and Alpine Valleys are one of the lavishing wine destinations to break your trip to Australia.

4. Find the world’s longest fence in Australia:

 fence in Australia

We all know the national animal of Australia – that’s a kangaroo. However, very few of us know that there 60 different types of Kangaroos in Australia. You must be wondering why am I talking about it here? Well, the country has the longest fence in the world.

The Australian farmers started fencing to keep away the kangaroos and dingos from their farms. This practice made Australia the world’s biggest fenced country with a fence on a 5,614 km belt area. The precaution to protect the fertile land added fertility to the facts of the country.

5. Australia’s nature is Venomous:


The country Australia is the home to the fascinating flora and fauna in the world. The species you find in Australia cannot be located mostly anywhere else in the world. The sixth-largest country of the world has a cattle station that is massive than the whole country – Israel!

The country is the shelter to the 21 out of the 25 most venomous snakes of this world. Australia has in total 170 of land species of snakes. The Mulga snake holds a record of delivering the maximum toxic venom in a bite that is 150 mg. Red-bellied black snake, Eastern Brown snake, Common death adder, Mainland tiger snake, are the heaviest deadly snake species in Australia.

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6. Canberra is the capital of mysteries:

It is stupid yet utmost real that the city Canberra was made the capital of Australia just because of the never-ending arguments between Sydney and Melbourne to seize the spot! The word Canberra means “woman’s cleavage” in Aborigine.

It was named and meant this way because of its location between two mountains. Another insane fact of the capital city Canberra is that it is legally allowed to shoot and film hardcore porn and selling the end-product. Hence, people believe that it must be because of being a politician is a boring endeavor!

7. A record holder country for multiple barmy things:

Canberra is the capital

Australia has entitled many world records in its name. It has the world’s biggest rock. Australia’s Aboriginal culture is the oldest culture on Earth. Western Australia has many pink lakes like  Lake Hillier.

The country has 19 listed world heritage sites. It has the Guinness World Record for having the maximum number of Christmas lights on a house – beyond half a million! In the year 1970, Australia invented the world’s first seat belt and did not patent it for safeguarding the world better. 33% of Australians are born abroad. 91% of the country is under the cover of native vegetation. 


Traveling & exploring places is always fun, get an adventurous experience with these tips in Australia. Take your friends, family or loved ones with you & get the best out of this country. Don’ think twice just plan a holiday today itself. Fuel up your motorcycle, fasten it with the best motorcycle gears and explore the country to experience these facts remarkably!


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