Instagram Widget – 5 Tools to add Instagram Widget on website

Instagram is a social media platform that is used by a majority of businesses as a marketing tool these days. Instagram is the best place to create User Generated Content and its benefits are indeed far-reaching for any business if used rightly. 

As Instagram is best known for its lively photos and engagement, an Instagram widget is the most preferred widget to add to the website.

Not only this, adding the Instagram widget on the website has benefits like increased brand engagement, user interaction, increased traffic to the website, easy promotions, etc.

Instagram widget is one of the methods to integrate Instagram feed on your website. A widget is a graphic user interface tool that displays photos on your website’s sidebar, header, footer or anywhere you wish to keep it in a grid form.

Are you confused with similar words like embed, integrate, widgets, etc.? Embedding Instagram feed directly on the website or through Instagram widget are two ways to integrate Instagram on your website. Either way, the Instagram feed will be displayed on the website in different formats. 

Instagram Widget – Try Amazing Tools

There are many tools with the help of which you can easily add an Instagram widget on the website. Some of these include:

1. Taggbox                                                                             

Taggbox is the best social media aggregator tool that will stand by you in adding a social wall on the website. Be it embedding Instagram feed on the website, over digital screens or adding the Instagram widget on the website, Taggbox does it for you easily and conveniently.

Some of its features like customization, filter and moderation of content, auto-updates, beautiful themes, etc. will make your Instagram widget on the website look attractive and attention-seeking. Its Analytics feature will also provide insights into the effectiveness of adding the widget on the website.

With Taggbox you can add the Instagram widget on your website in four simple steps. These steps are:

  1. Create an Instagram wall with Taggbox which is super easy too.
  2. Turn your Instagram Wall into the Instagram widget by clicking on the ‘Personalize’ option.
  3. Select the ‘Widget Theme’ from the ‘Personalize Wall’ dialogue box.
  4. Generate the embed code by clicking on Display. Select the display option (Display on Screen or Embed in Websites) and the website building platform (HTML, WordPress, Weebly, Shopify, etc.) you want to choose.

And you are all done! Wasn’t that too clear and specific?

3. Lightwidget

If you are looking for a responsive widget for Instagram, Lightwidget is for you. Through Lightwidget, you can add Instagram widget not only on your website but on blogs, online store and at other places too. 

A Lightwidget provides various customization options like padding, caption adding, hover effects, hashtag filtering, square crops and much more. Since it supports responsive design, the widget can fit any screen size. 

You can add an Instagram widget through the Lightwidget tool by generating code from the application and copying the same on your website.

3. WPZoom

WPZOOM tool or a WordPress Instagram widget is a well-known widget. WordPress is known for creating user-friendly and impressive interface websites and features several plugins and widgets to make that happen. 

WPZOOM social feed widget is an open-source widget that is easy to embed on your website.

With WPZOOM you can show your latest Instagram shots in one, two, three columns on your website. You can also customize your widget as you want your widget to be shown on the website. 

Some of the widget features include profile header, lazyload integration, responsive design, follow button, etc. 

WPZOOM widget can be added on your website by simply downloading the widget from their website and thereafter following a series of steps.

4. Rudrastyh

This widget by Rudrastyh lets you add the Instagram widget on the website either through hashtag or username. The widget also provides an option to show photos only without the handle name on top. 

It’s simple and fast to embed on your website. It also lets you customize the appearance of the Instagram widget with the integration of WordPress. 

You can get a plugin or a shortcode( similar to code generation) to embed an Instagram widget. You can always contact Misha Rudrastyh in case of any queries and support.

5. ProPhoto

ProPhoto is another widget tool that lets you display an Instagram widget over any widget area on your site. All you need to do to use ProPhoto widget is to let ProPhoto authorize your Instagram Account. 

Thereafter, it will display your Preview of the Instagram images, lets you add a title (optional), and provides you with two image display options and other customization options. 

It also deletes the cache automatically to let the images load easily and doesn’t slow down your website due to the widget.

So, these were some of the tools which you can use to add the Instagram widget on the website easily.

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