5 Reasons to Plan a Kitchen Remodel with a Virtual Room Designer

Home renovations can be a risky proposition. It’s difficult because a lot of us have a good eye for fashion; we know what looks good when we see it. Creating good interior designs, though, is a whole different matter. Translating design ideas into reality is extremely challenging. 

That color you love might look good in one room and look awful in the next. Effective interior design is about making different pieces come together to form a distinct aesthetic. Your room is supposed to speak to you in a certain way. 

Poorly designed spaces can hurt the aesthetic, that’s why there are long traditions in many cultures related to design like Feng Shui or Zen. The best design evokes emotion out of people. They make you feel at peace, happy, or relaxed depending on the colors, shape of furniture and fixtures.

One of the best developments in recent interior design technology has been the advent of virtual room designers. Virtual room designers are a computer or mobile tools that let homeowners, designers and retailers offer realistic plans of what your kitchen, bedroom or bathroom will look like. 

You can put that couch and color test you’ve been dreaming about to the test in a virtual setting. There are a ton of benefits to using virtual room designers, but here we’ve broken down five of some of the best reasons to use a virtual room designer for your kitchen remodel.

1. Virtual Planners Let You Try Before You Buy

Kitchen renovations don’t come cheap. Countertops, appliances, floors, tilework, and cupboards are all pricey. There’s a wide range of prices depending on what materials you choose. Heavy price tags mean bigger consequences. 

More than just a bad wall paint choice is at stake. One of the top benefits of virtual room designers is that you can test out floorplans, cupboard sizes, and different countertop materials all in one place. 

You can input your kitchen dimensions and plug in different options as you go. You can actually see what your kitchen will look like with white marble countertops vs dark granite. It’s easy to see if a double-door fridge will work, or where your hanging shelves will look the best. 

All this can be done before you spend one dollar on actual kitchen supplies. You’ll have a set plan before you set foot in a single store if you want.

2. Planners Can Get You Access to Great Designs

Virtual room planners give designers and retailers leverage to get their work out to a wider audience. Decades ago, designers could only take on a limited number of projects because their physical presence was required. They had to walk into a room, meet with clients, and be on hand to track progress. 

It often takes multiple meetings to come together on a vision. With virtual planners, the best designers can work with more people than ever. That means that they often charge less to reach more people. That’s great news for homeowners. 

With virtual planners, people with budgets can get quality design help. Homeowners provide room dimensions, and designers hold phone calls to get to know clients’ personalities and what they’re looking for.

They present design ideas, where to buy products and even prices so homeowners can make informed decisions. Virtual planners have really democratized interior design.

3. They are Great Collaboration Tools

Virtual room planners aren’t only for people who want to avoid hiring a professional interior designer. In fact, more designers and contractors are using virtual planners than ever.

That’s because it’s a great collaboration tool to use with homeowners to help define a vision, provide different looks and work faster. 

Designers no longer have to do an in-person visit to present clients with ideas. All of this can be done online and in real-time, so clients can see what designers are thinking and work together to shape the kitchen project. The same goes for contractors. 

With virtual planners, there’s much less room for mistakes. Contractors can see exactly what the designer and homeowner want for a finished project.

They’ll be able to bring up challenges and questions on the go so every one is one the same page.

4. Virtual Planners are Time Savers

We’ve mentioned a bit about how virtual planners save time between designers and homeowners, but they are also a great time saver if you are planner a DIY kitchen remodel.

One of the hardest things about planning a remodel is knowing what options are out there and how much they’ll cost. 

People spend hours going from store to store to look at different stoves, dishwashers, and other appliances. They shuttle back and forth from the paint store to swab little patches of paint on their kitchen walls to see what it will look like.

Virtual planners cut down on all of that by bringing everything into a centralized location. Homeowners can switch several colors and layouts in a matter of minutes.

5. Planners Help Manage Kitchen Remodel Costs

The best kitchen remodel get the most out of whatever the budget is. Knowing what different items cost and what impact they’ll have on the remodel design is key to an effective renovation.

A lot of people spend too much money on one or two items that are not kitchen mainstays. With kitchens, it’s important to focus on cabinets, countertops, and appliances. These should be areas of focus.

Homeowners want to know that the money they’re spending will pay off in the long run. Kitchens are a great way to increase the value of your home, so it’s a good idea to get quality products in any remodel. 

Virtual planners help people stay in the budget because it’s easier to delete something from the computer than take something back to the store we’ve grown emotionally attached to.

People can see in real-time how plugging in different barstools will affect the look and budget in the kitchen. They can then make rational decisions about whether spending is something they want to do. 

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