5 Online Business Tools Necessary For Beginners

Having a business is hard. It is even harder when you are just starting out and don’t know anything about managing a small business. Thankfully, we now live in a digital age where most business needs are easily met and for an affordable price too!

Check out these 5 online business tools that are perfect for small to medium sized businesses.

1. Professional looking website

Creating your own website these days is very easy. So easy you can even make a website in minutes. The process is very simple: Go to a website builder, purchase a website plan (or go for the free plan if all you need is a basic website!), choose from hundreds of available website templates, and easily create content by using the webpage editor.

With this, you do not need to hire a website developer and a website designer to maintain and create your website for you. This will easily save you hundreds up to thousands of dollars.

Beginner or not, anyone can have their own website now. You can start a website today and build a professional website with the hPage website builder.

2. Project management tracker

A project management tracker is a great way to keep note of all your current and future projects. There are different project management trackers out there which uses different systems but the most effective one for me is the Kanban Board Method.

The Kanban board method is an agile project management tool to track various projects and assignments. It is very similar to a post-it style of management to visualize, delagate, and finish work at different levels. An online tool similar to it is Trello, where you can digitally create and arrange your boards in various styles.

With a Kanban board you can easily delegate your projects, arrange them from various kinds of topics or categories, shift the specific tasks easily from one board to another, label them accordingly using colors, and much more.

If you are working with a team, you can share the board with your team so they can see how tasks are delegated. You have the option to allow them to view the board only or to allow the rest of the ream to edit and arrange the board.

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3.Social media planner

Managing multiple social media platforms? A social media planner is necessary to keep track of them all. This online tools basically helps you plan and publish your social media posts accordingly.

From organizing your Instagram feed, planning your next tweet, or publishing your next Facebook post – Hootsuite is the most reliable.

What makes Hootsuite the perfect social media management tool for small businesses is that you can save time by scheduling your social media posts. What’s even great about it is that you can publish all social media content in various social media platforms across many accounts at the same time.

So if you plan on having a marketing campaign, this is the most reliable tool for you.

4. Online communication platform

Whether you are a two-man team or you manage a considerable number of employees, you will need an online communication platform for your business. Slack makes that easy for you.

What’s great about an online communication platform is that it replaces simple emails between your work platform. Moreover, you can easily communicate with employees or collaborators in an easy way. You can also keep your conversations organized through sorting them out in categories, hashtags, and creating multiple channels.

In case the channels and conversations get overwhelming, you can easily find a particular message by using the search bar. You may also send files through the chats.

Whether you are looking to create a group chat for your employees or you want to message them individually, Slack is the ultimate work messaging site for business.

5. Graphic design platform

Don’t know how to do graphic design? Don’t worry, because now there are graphic design platforms catered to those who don’t know how to do their own graphics.

Back in the day, I would worry about not knowing how to do graphics since Adobe Photoshop was very expensive and I could not afford it. Moreover, there were not much resources to teach yourself how to do graphic design or do Photoshop.

Thankfully, graphic design platforms are now here to help you make designs for your online channels. You do not even need to know how to Photoshop or create graphics at all in order to make them!

All you need to do is pick out from their hundreds of templates available, choose the correct format for the proper online channel or for your marketing goal. You are also free to customize the templates and choose the proper graphics through the drag-and-drop option.

Check out Canva, the most popular graphic design platform right now to get started on creating your graphic design needs.

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