A ubiquitous question – how does an artist impress or enthrall the aficionados of art? What motivates these art buyers to buy any artists’ creations? The creation of any fine-art and art marketing is entirely two diverse aspects. They have two various roles to play. Most of the creative artists hone the skill of selling their creation.

While some go overboard. But to make a standard footing in the creative world, one has to be a skilled individual in impressing the art buyers. They have to be aware of all the nuances of the promotional knowledge hidden behind this entire process. To brace your marketing skills, read below the five ideas hinted for by an artist for impressing the art buyers. 

1. Quote reasonably 

Do you have the skill of turning an individual into an art buyer? Most people prefer gazing at the work of art and appreciate it. But unfortunately, they have their limitations. You have to have the skill within you to make them interested in buying a piece of your creation.

Select some of your best work at a pocket-friendly price. But be reasonable and practical. Too low priced art-work will affect your other large creations. While quoting a price, keep all these associated aspects, like labor, total time taken, raw material, and also the art-work size. Always mention your name in one corner of your creation.

Many artists specify other details – their website address, contact details, and so on at the back of the art piece. Be self-contained with your business cards. It will create an impression amongst the art buyers. Most of the art buyers display their art collection in the main sitting area and their corner. These all are easily seen and talked about by anybody who visits the place. Your piece of creation will get adequate recognition and impress all.

2. Be a perfectionist 

As an artist, you need to appreciate the total time spent in impressing the buyers, art marketing and promoting your fine-art. It is difficult to sell or promote any of your art-work and also receive further contracts, without trying to impress the people interested in buying the product.

Try to make your conversation an interesting one with the buyers. Communicate with confidence, so that you successfully nail the bid!  Organize your schedule to help boost your sales. It will always help you in planning for the future. Start allotting time for all your specific tasks. Divide the making and selling of your art-work into two equal sections –

  • Divide your day into two parts. In the first-half, devote your time to your art. In the second-half, dedicate the entire time in promoting your art-work and impress the buyers.
  • Be more organized by dividing the entire week into two parts. Initiate the first half making your art-work, like sculpting, pottery, sketching or painting, and the other half of the week into marketing the same.
  • While promoting your art-works to your buyers, plan for organizing gallery exhibitions, build a liaison with the local media, prepare for public presentations, and of course, word-of-mouth.
  • Finally, prepare your personal art-work library – a cloud-based inventory management system. Feed all your fine arts with their details into this cloud store. With a click, you will be able to access all the information.


3. Present with the statement

Do you know what an artist should include in their artist statement? In the process of selling and impressing the art buyers, prepare an artist statement. It is a detailed and free-of-cost composition and a comprehensible one acting as an introduction to some of your special art-works.

While you are holding a gallery display, the same is put-up in front of your creation. It is a brief about the particular work, with an explanation. The viewers, readers, or the art buyers get the know-how on the same, by understanding the artist’s motive behind the particular art-work. Keep the statement short and crisp, for easy reading. Be selective by incorporating these aspects – 

  • Relate to the primary theme behind the work.
  • Mention your goals. 
  • Answer why you love to paint, draw, sculpt, etc. the reason behind your love for painting, sculpting, or drawing.
  • For whom is your art-work intended, or listed in your ‘buyers’ list.
  • Which artists or sculptors have influenced your life and way of working?

To make it entertaining and eye-catching, include the artist statement along with your folder. It will be handy for any art buyer, those interested in buying your work. They will hence get a clear picture of you before striking any deal. Maintain a social media page for further promotion of your creations.


4. Create art awareness

Contributions of any kind or donations stand as a worthy cause in making others appreciate you as society’s contributor. Go for a separate charity or fund-raiser, whenever you donate your creation. Inform the charity beforehand about your ideas. Discuss your ideas with them and complete the art-work based on the same.

It gives a dramatic boost to your art-work via this publicity stunt. Contribute a few of your creations to a local NGO, or any charity house. Then notify about the same in the newspapers or other social media sites. Let everybody be aware of your act of welfare. The art awareness will heighten, along with your buyer’s contact. 

You will be a noted contributor to society, and impress the art buyers with your act. You can easily be the ‘talk of the town’ and this will give your creation more value. You’ll be able to pave your path of success and fame and be able to promote, impress, and sell your hard-work smoothly.

5. Be self-sufficient 

Create a web portal of your own. Though it is time-consuming but stands quite profitable in the long run. There are a lot of free online web services where you can post your creation. Try choosing the ones without advertisements, as these distract the viewers. You can also consult a professional web artist, as they are pro into designing a website proficiently. The whole concept behind the same will aid you in being recognized as a professional artist. It will thus impress the art buyers and showcase your professional prowess.

Moreover, get yourself a well-designed business card. Many websites deal with the making of the same. And most of them have packages too! Make use of the free ones. Many printing retail outlets have business card-kits. You can also design your card and get them printed. While doing so, place a logo or a small piece of your best creation. Feed the details, like your name, personal website address, or personal blog. And most importantly, insert a short quote related to your art skills. The art lovers enthrall with this small detailing.

 Closing Notes… 

Art is something that will help you in breathing a different sort of happiness. And selling your creation is like an icing on the cake. Every art piece speaks volumes about your creativity. There are many means and ways to motivate the art buyers, who will later spend a fortune over your creation. But you have to perfect the skills in impressing a buyer first.

The above discussed five notions are some informative and helpful ones, which can assist you further for this purpose. Be patient and practical-headed. Always remember that any art-work is not just a piece. Every buyer receives a portion of your creative-spirit, with every purchase. So, keep on creating more of your innovative creations! 


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