5 Healthy Hair Habits You Need To Adopt Right Now

Inculcating healthy habits might surely have been a goal for most of us. Maybe it is something we have already achieved or are struggling with it. Since childhood, we have been told by our elders the importance of adopting healthy habits in our lives. 

But how far have we really been able to maintain them in our daily lives? Have we even given it a thought lately? Well most of us have struggled with hair fall, hair damage, less volume in the hair, dull hair, etc.

Haven’t we? Looking closely at the problem we face with our hair we might mostly be able to find loopholes in the way we live our daily lives.

Inculcating Healthy Hair Habits might just be the cure for the treatment for hair loss, brittle hair, hair thinning, dandruff and so much more.

Anyways! Better late than never. Hence, let us revise our childhood lessons in order to keep our hair healthy and strong.

1. Usage of shampoo

The usage of shampoo depends upon your hair quality. If you have dry hair, try applying shampoo maximum for two days a week. If you’re having oily hair, you should do it on a regular basis.

Elsewhere in case of a normal hair type, which means neither dry not oily, you are free to apply shampoo with a longer timespan.

Using shampoo also depends on your hair type. It means if you’re having curly, thick and processed hair, you have the luxury to delay in applying hair wash meet you’re pursuing with a thinner one, you should opt for cleaning your hair on a regular basis. This is because the oil that your scalp contains, can easily travel down the hair at a faster rate.

If you can not put hair wash regularly and are feeling uneasy without a bath, use shower caps. In extreme cases, you can only rinse your hair with a normal, better not to do daily.

Steps to be followed while applying shampoo are:

  • Wet your hair with either lukewarm or cold water
  • Lather a quarter size amount of shampoo in your palms and then massage your scalp gently. Be careful to not let your nails scratch your scalp as it can damage the roots of your hair.
  • Wash off the shampoo thoroughly.
  • Pat dry your hair with a towel to get rid of excess water from the hair.
  • Apply conditioner, through the length of your hair and let it rest for the time mentioned on the conditioner pack.
  • Rinse well with cold water.

2. Get regular hair trims

Getting regular trims not only helps in keeping split ends if any at bay. They also help in healthy hair growth as the dry ends of the hair can be prevented before forming split ends.

It’s very important to be aware of the fact that hair grows on an average of half-inch every week. Of course, there are exceptions for people having faster growth.

Requirements of a hair trim also depend on the hair length. Let us explore how.

Long hair

If you have long hair, you will be needed to get hair trims more frequently. It’s a must! Longer hair tends to get dry at the ends. This can easily cause breakage of hair and split ends. Regular trims can help in maintaining healthy hair. Hair should be trimmed every eight to twelve weeks.

Medium length

Medium length hair will need a trim similar to long hair. Regular trim with the gap of six to twelve-week intervals is very important for maintaining healthy hair.

Short length

Short length hair doesn’t need care is a very famous myth we need to debunk. All length hairs need care though short hairs famously are low maintenance. Short hairs can be trimmed every four to eight weeks if you don’t wish to grow them long.

3. Remove hair tangles

In order to keep healthy hair, you must detangle your hair carefully well so as no knots are present in them.

Tangling of hair can create damage to the quality of hair. It can lead to breakage of hair. It also causes split ends.

Besides applying shampoo, the removal of tangles is also an essential process to keep your hair strong and in good health.

Few points to keep in mind while detangling hair:

  • Select a proper detangling tool
  • Separate your hair into four sections
  • Detangle one knot at a time
  • Use a thick toothed comb
  • Use a smaller toothed comb next
  • Pinup the detailed section into a loose twist
  • Exercise caution when combing or brushing

4. Avoid synthetic dyes

Avoiding toxic dyes is very essential for the health of our hair. Conventional hair dyes and bleaches contain very dangerous, toxic ingredients.

That is what we need to be aware of as hair coloring is something which is being used by almost every men and women regularly.

If someone starts to color their hair, they would continuously do the same in order to hide his or her greys. And that too about four to six weekly bases.

It too creates cumulative exposure to harmful chemicals. Hence, finding a safer alternative would be a very good option.

A huge range of toxic chemicals directly come in contact with the scalp when applying hair dyes. It results in the damage of hair roots, which permanently harms them.

It further burns and irritates out his or her skin and can potentially enter their bloodstreams, seriously affecting their health.

5. Eat a Hair-thy Diet

50 to 100 hair strands falling off of our heads per day is considered normal. When the count of hair falling off the head increases more than 100 it’s then that you should take a look at your diet.

Having a balanced, nutritious diet can help with not only preventing hair fall but also make them faster and get healthier.

There are both natural & scientific approaches to treat your hair worries, but what better approach than natural remedies as they bare little to no side effects

Few common points to be remembered are:

  • Have a well-balanced diet
  • Have a protein-rich diet
  • Have enough water
  • Massage your scalp with Rosemary oil
  • Use hair balms and hair masks
  • Rub green tea into your hair
  • Shampoo correctly
  • Avoid hot water
  • Avoid brushing wet hair

Now as we have made known these five healthy habits to be adopted for healthy hair. So why not adopt these ASAP.

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