Optimization is the buzz word in the field of the internet. Let alone marketing strategies, optimizing your website is the only way to make it noticeable. In the vast arena of search engines, millions of sites all consistently deploy methods to rank top on the charts. While the general thumb rule is pervasive across industries, news websites might have to go a step further. Attracting attention among the established brand names would not be an easy task. However, using these three techniques can get you ahead in the game. 

1. Go for Improved Structure

First thing first, the structure and the composition of your website are essential contributing factors of your website. The search engine friendliness of your website depends on the minutest of the details. In short, the design, style,  navigation, placement of the links, and content play a crucial role in improving the indexing. 

Sometimes while composing a website, the developers underestimate the power of layout. If you are a novice to programming, probably a remote SEO can help you get the basics in order. Surprisingly, most search engines, including Google and Yahoo, interpret content by analyzing mar-up codes used while styling websites. Instead of using the default URLs and XML sitemaps, writing your URLs are little things that make a massive difference to your ranking. Carefully selecting subcategories through URLs such as literature, social, politics, economy, etc., can increase user-friendliness and indexing.  

Also, sometimes it is not necessary to stick to cent-percent standards of the W3C compliant code. All that matters is that your coding is clean and professional to increase the indexing value.

The best part about publishing a news website is that there are plenty of opportunities to place keywords through your postings. Some text-only websites are doing great, but the images provide more than visual value. You can embed high-density keywords in the title tags and alt text of the images you intend to post. Your content is the king when it comes to engine optimization. Make extra efforts to post quality content free from plagiarism. 


2. Build Link Network

A news website has to keep updated on all current happenings. But, the downside of sharing such information is that it quickly washes out. Therefore, balancing your pages with some evergreen topics can attract more users to your website. These topics can also be used as a tool to increase the overall ranking of your website. Strategize links building to such pages can help increase the authority of the subsequent pages.

The optimization score improves with how popular your website is. The more people mention your website, the better it is for your business. When other websites link your pages, it builds more credibility by driving more traffic to your site. 

However, the task of getting other websites to mention your page links might be a little tricky. You may chase down other news websites and pitch them to link your page in exchange for a link from your site. You can also choose to write a guest post for various blogs and choose to link your website in the posts organically. 

Another way to optimize through link building is to explore various news directories and to your advantage. Most of these forums are free to use and serve the great purpose of linking your URL across different introduction and discussion pages. All you have to do is search for reliable sources and introduce your website organically by participating in discussions. 

Making your website appear on Google news can be a significant milestone for your site. It does require you to maintain quality and standard as per Google norms, but it is worth the efforts. 


3. Harness the Power of Social Media

You might have to work round the clock to fix technical errors and enhance the user experience. The more value your news website offers, the better are the chances of getting shares and positive reviews. In the golden era of social networking, it is evident for all smart businesses to utilize social media power. 

Many platforms become famous overnight by sharing a viral piece of content. Although it is merely a matter of chance, you gradually learn to adopt what works best in your niche as a marketer. Exploit the resources by presenting information in the most shareable form possible. Attractive pictures, graffitis, cartoon depictions, and infographics are a few options with more chances of being shared.

Likewise, continually updating channels like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram is becoming a mandate to keep users interested.


The Bottom Line

Several techniques have their own set of advantages. Most of them are more time-consuming than challenging. Site optimization is a game of patience where you receive substantial results only through consistent efforts. Your efforts may reap benefits in months and sometimes even years, but on a brighter note, they make a difference in your site’s long-run performance. 


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