13 Tips To Enjoy Your Workouts and Be Fit

Is workout and exercise of least priority to you? Mostly this is because you don’t like working out. Health should be the first priority because you cannot enjoy anything if you aren’t healthy. Not having time for yourself is just a lie that we tell ourselves. As long as you have worked out it will never become top on the priority list. 

Going to the gym, getting out of bed, especially in winters is the worst feeling, but if you have found a way to enjoy your workouts then it is fun. The time you would spend scrolling social media feed can be utilized successfully in building a healthier life. Next time you are sweating in your shorts and T-shirt or tank top or waiting for the rain to stop, don’t give up. Skipping a day in one week is no big deal.  

1. Making exercise part of the routine

Just thinking won’t work, you can make exercise part of your routine a habit, something that you just do. This might not let you enjoy workout but will make you regular.

2. Working out with a partner

Everyone is not the same, so if you don’t like to exercise with a partner it is completely fine. But if you can, pick a partner, maybe your girlfriend, or better half, some friend or maybe some random person at the gym. This is a sort of motivation.

3. Challenge yourself

Most of the time working out in the same routine, lifting the same weights you’ve been lifting for years will surely make you bored of it. Challenging yourself will first, improve your body, you will actually be getting fit instead of just doing it, and most of all you will look forward to it. 

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4. Setting and achieving goals

Set some long-term goals and then work towards it with the help of short-term goals. These should be achievable and realistic. For instance, if you are setting a goal to lose weight so instead of just relying on the weighing scale see if your old workout clothes are losing and measure your waist. 

5. Don’t limit yourself

Don’t limit yourself thinking you aren’t muscular or the most shredded person. It can be the biggest obstacle. Just see yourself in the mirrors and think about what you will become if you keep in going like this. Put some music on and enjoy it.

6. Go through trial and error method

The body gets used to a routine after some while. Change your routine after about 8 months. There are several ways to change the routine, consult your trainer about it. This doesn’t let the body snort the muscles have to be active to adapt which makes you active. Plus, the new workout routine equals excitement.

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7. Enjoy the music

If anything cannot motivate you, think about listening to your favorite music for some while. And as you would be enjoying music do exercise.

8. Keep it short 

Keeping the workouts short doesn’t let you get bored with it. In fact, HIIT workouts are short but they are more effective than most long-haul exercises. 

9. Tweaks 

There are several different types and styles for one workout. Do those variations and do-little changes to your workout according to your fitness goals.

10. Stress reliever

Exercise causes to relieve stress; this alone is enough reason to go to the gym. Exercise helps release chemicals that make stress go away.

11. Get on the middle ground

It isn’t about the perfect workout or diet, in fact, it’s about the proper mindset. Get on the middle ground if you want to be fit. Enjoy the birthday cake without any worries. Get the perfect balance between things and enjoy life, fitness is not about cutting off from everything else.

12. Short and sharp workouts

Workouts don’t have to belong and continuous. Recent studies have found out that quick and sharp workouts can give you better results than long dragging workouts. For instance, HIIT workouts are better than cardio. However, both of them have their separate importance and place. 

13. Not working? Change it.

If your former exercise routine was not working don’t give up on your fitness and don’t beat yourself up. Just try it again with a different approach. Maybe talk to your trainer about it, or just change the routine, try something else.

You don’t have to blame it on yourself, the approach instead should be let’s try things rather differently. Giving up, blaming, or getting frustrated will not help the change of things will. On top of that, change in the workout routine will make you excited too!

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