10 Courses Related to Personal Care

When you are keen to pursue a career in personal care, you need to explore the options that are available to you. There is a myriad of courses that come under this category and you should look at their respective career prospects, tuition fees, salary prospects, etc. before making a decision.

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10 Popular Personal Care Courses for You:


When you want to train for becoming an aspiring skincare technician called an esthetician, you have to get enrolled in a certificate, associate degree or diploma in cosmetology.

These programs for skincare professionals will train you to analyze skin, and recommend appropriate beauty regimens; perform massages and facials, and a variety of skin treatments.

Cosmetology Diploma:

This is usually for a couple of years and will provide students extensive training in salon management, skincare, and therapeutic massages.

The student will need to take up courses in physiology, anatomy, skincare analysis, cosmetic chemistry, make-up applications, and nail care. They will also get training in nutrition, massage, salon management, and medical terminology.

Associate’s Degree in Cosmetology:

Those with an associate degree in cosmetology can carry out specialized skincare procedures. They can perform specialized services like hair coloring, hair styling, hair cutting, manicure-pedicure.

These courses use salon-style classrooms for teaching different types of hair treatments. The course also provides a broad-based knowledge of skincare analysis, make-up application, cosmetic chemistry, and skin disorder identification.


This course will equip you with the know-how and skills that you need, to work as a professional hairstylist, hairdresser, or even as the manager of a salon.

The course can be studied online and this will give you flexible study options and you can fit these around your work commitments. Also Read: Unbelievable Benefits Of buttermilk for Hair and Skin

Beauty Therapy and Make-up:

This distance learning course helps participants to learn the newest technologies and best practices in beauty care so that they get an edge over their competitors in this profitable and highly-competitive industry. These courses are usually crafted in partnership with leading professional make-up artists.

Fashion Communicator:

This is an exciting new prospect for students in this digital era and blends communication and marketing expertise with stylist skills. This professional course will design a brand’s visual identity, fashion magazines, and such other related events.

Those enrolling for this course will be able to master skills for conceiving communication strategies for brands through both online and traditional tools.

Advanced Cosmetic Sciences (ACS):

This course will produce chemists who can work in cosmetic companies for designing, producing, analyzing and certifying cosmetic products.

Professionals will be trained to cope with emerging challenges rising from existing international regulations for introducing intrinsically-safer cosmetic products.

The course will offer both practical and theoretical training on various technological and scientific aspects of cosmetic products.

Aesthetic Practitioner:

Since the number of non-surgical or non-invasive aesthetic treatments keeps growing every year, demand for these qualified practitioners is very high.

When you enroll for such courses you can practice wide non-medical procedures in hair removal, skin rejuvenation, and cosmetology.

Media Make-up for Fashion:

This course lets you experiment with techniques so that you can become a make-up artist with full confidence. You develop expertise in many key areas related to make-up artistry.

Specialist Makeup:

This course offers a higher study option for people looking for careers in the beauty or hair sector as a salon owner or manager. You will learn technical skills for working in specialized beauty and hair areas.

Students are taught advanced practical skills, made to attend seminars and lectures, and ordered to supervise their peers to enhance management skills.

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